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 FY 2014 Proposed Operating Budget Detail

Volume I:

Volume II:

Volume III:

Index - Volume 3
Business and Economic Development (1.0MB)
     Includes: Maryland Technology Development Corporation
Deficiency Appropriations (595KB)
Environment (653KB)
     Includes: Maryland Environmental Service
Housing and Community Development (685KB)
     Includes: Maryland African American Museum Corporation
Juvenile Services (1.1MB)
Major Information Technology Development Projects (1.1MB)
Public Debt
     Includes: State Reserve Fund
Public Education -
     State Department of Education (1.9MB)
          Includes: Morgan State University
          St. Mary's College of Maryland
          Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission 
     University System of Maryland (2.4MB)
          Includes: University of Maryland Medical System 
     Higher Education (1.1MB)
          Includes: College Savings Plans of Maryland
          Maryland Higher Education Commission
          Higher Education Institutions 
          Baltimore City Community College
          Maryland School for the Deaf
     Personnel Detail (1.9MB)
State Police (516KB)