Inmate Pharmacy Services - CANCELLED

Inmate Pharmacy Services - CANCELLED

The Department of Budget and Management has cancelled the following proposal [on behalf of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services]:

RFP #DPSCS Q0012015  (600KB)

Title:  Inmate Pharmacy Services

Release Date:  11/09/2010

Proposals Received Date:  9/20/2011

Procurement Cancelled 10/30/2013

Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-in Sheets
Pre-Proposal Conference Summary
Attachment F Price Form (Revised - Includes Amendments 1 thru 19) (126KB)
Attachment G-1 DPSCS Overview
Attachment G-2 Average Daily Population
Attachment H-1 Duvall vs O'Malley Consent Decree (7.85MB)
Attachment H-2 Duvall Annotated Partial Settlement Agreement
Attachment I Pharmacy Equipment Inventory (119KB)
Attachment J Telemed Locations
Attachment K Annual Utilization Summary Data (1.62MB)
Attachment L Electronic Fund Request Form
Attachment N Facility by Facility Medication Distribution
Attachment P-1 ARP Procedures
Attachment P-2 ARP Policy
Attachment P-3 DPDS Adult Help Request Process
Attachment P-4 DPDS Adult Grievance Procedures (267KB)
Attachment Q-1 Sample State Stat Utilization Report
Attachment Q-2 Sample State Stat Staffing Report
Attachment Q-3 Sample State Stat Chronic Care Report
Attachment Q-4 Sample State Stat HIV HEP-C Report
Attachment R Pharmacy Staffing Matrix
Attachment S Release Policy
Attachment T Infection Control Reporting Forms
Attachment U Medicaid Eligibility Forms
Attachment V Pharmacy Liquidated Damages Table (Revised - Includes Amendments 1 thru 15)
Attachment W IMMS Policy
Attachment X Pharmacy Delivery Locations within Facilities
Attachment Y Suicide Prevention Activities Manual (295KB)
Attachment Z DPSCS Formulary (1.68MB)
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Amendment 4
Amendment 5
Amendment 6
Amendment 7
Amendment 8
Amendment 9
Amendment 10
Amendment 11
Amendment 12
Amendment 13
Amendment 14
Amendment 15 (380KB)
Amendment 16 (153KB)
Amendment 17
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Questions and Answers #1
Questions and Answers #2 (216KB)
Questions and Answers #3 (143KB) (Revised)
RFP #DPSCS Q0012015 (Revised) (Including Amendments 1 thru 19) (834KB)
Attachment A (State Contract - Including Amendments 1 thru 15)
Attachment B (Bid Proposal Affidavit - Revised Effective 8/8/2011)
Attachment C (Contract Affidavit - Revised Effective 8/8/2011)
Attachment D (Minority Business Enterprise Participation Forms - Including Amendments 1 thru 15)