DPSCS Substance Abuse Treatment Services

DPSCS Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The Department of Budget and Management has awarded the following contract on behalf of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS):


Award Date:  1/28/2015

BPW Agenda Item:  4-S dated 2/1/2015

Contract Term: 2/1/2015 – 6/30/2017 (w/2 two-year renewal options)

Contract Awarded To:  Phoenix Houses of the Mid Atlantic, Inc. Arlington, VA

ADPICS No: Q00B5400141


Title: DPSCS IFB Q0015010 Substance Abuse Treatment Services (945KB)
Release Date: 11/3/2014
Bid Received Date: 12/17/2014 no later than 2 pm Local Time
Pre-Bid Conference:
11/10/2014 10 am Local Time
MDOT Headquarters
7201 Corporate Center Drive
TSO Conference Room - Richard Trainor
Hanover, MD 21076
Pre-Bid Conference Agenda
Pre-Bid Conference Attendee List
Pre-Bid Conference Summary
Attachment F - Bid Form (Revised by Amendment 3)
Attachment P - Inmate Characteristic Data for Each Institution
Attachment Q - DPSCS End of Month Report Blank
Attachment R - DPSCS TC Staff Roster Blank (411KB)
Attachment S - DPSCS Daily and Weekly Status Report
Attachment T - Monthly Facility Staffing Schedule (MFSS)
Attachment U - DPSCS Daily and Weekly Status Report
Attachment V - TC Client Management Spreadsheet Blank
Attachment W - TC Trainer's Manual (606KB)
Attachment X - Smart Manual Revised (271KB)
Attachment Y - Tap Version III Doc 8-6-2012 Final
Attachment Z - MHSF-III
Attachment AA - Toolkit Patients (283KB)
Attachment BB - HQ ATP Drug Screening Tracking Submission Sheet
Attachment CC - Adult URICA Unlocked
Attachment DD - TCU Drug Screening II
Attachment EE - Grant Application RSAT Aftercare
Attachment FF - RSAT Grant Announcement (1.7MB)
Attachment GG - Group Pre-Test Survey 10-11
Attachment HH - Group Post-Test Survey 10-11
Attachment II - Group Satisfaction Survey
Attachment JJ - Aftercare Services Plan 10-11
Attachment KK - Aftercare Client Management Spreadsheet Blank
Attachment LL - Discharge Summary 10-11
Attachment MM - Self-Help Database Blank
Attachment NN - RSAT Performance Measurement Evaluation Form Version 2
Attachment OO - Substance Abuse Treatment Liquidated Damages Table
Attachment PP - Offender Case Management System (OCMS) Assessment and Screening and Re-Entry Dashboards - Samples
Attachment QQ - Information Technology Status Spreadsheet
Attachment RR - Level of Service Inventory - Revised (1.4MB)
Site Visit Information Sheet
Questions and Answers 1
Questions and Answers 2
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3