Summer Safety

Healthy University

This month's Healthy U series looks at how to stay healthy during summer. Learn how to beat the heat, the rays and the bugs so that you can enjoy all that summer offers safely!

Wednesday, 7/14, 11:00 am: Summer Health Safety
This informative seminar will present tips for the whole family (including pets!) safety during the summer.  

Wednesday, 7/21, 11:00 am: Love the Skin You're In Naturally
Learn natural ways to care for your skin during the summer sun, heat, and humidity.  Register here

Wednesday, 7/28, 11:00 am: How to Stay Cool in the Summer
Did you know that eating spicy foods has been shown to help you stay cool in the summer heat? Learn more fascinating facts in this seminar.  Register here​​​

July -
Fit for Summer Series!

Mens Health Month - Diversified Men 
With the easing of the pandemic restrictions, many of us are ready to safely resume our exercise and fitness routines. This "Fit for Summer" series will help you get right back on track!

Thursday, 7/8, 11:00 am: Pandemic Weight Gain: Facts and Stats
Healthline Health News reports that about 61% of survey respondents reported gaining weight during the pandemic. This isn't the whole story--learn more facts and stats and how emotional eating and stress contributed to undesirable weight gain during the pandemic.  Register here

Thursday, 7/15, 11:00 am: How to Lose the Pandemic Weight Gain
While there is not a magical way to make the weight disappear, there are easy and effective ways to begin right now with simple lifestyle changes that make a big difference. Learn how to start losing the pandemic weight gained safely in this interactive and informative webinar.  Register here 

Thursday, 7/22, 11:00 am: Ready, Set, Go with "Take Ten to Thrive"! 
Learn and participate in fun, simple, and effective 10-minute bursts of exercise to take you through your day. These 10-minute bouts incorporate muscle warm up, core training, balance, flexibility, and soothing stretches.  Register here

Thursday, 7/29, 11:00 am: Summer Fitness Trends
During the pandemic restrictions, fitness transformed from gym workouts and hard exercises to home exercise routines that also incorporate mind/body workouts. Have fun as you learn and ask questions about the Summer 2021 fitness trends!  Register here

Chef Sandra LewisChef Sandra Lewis

Back by popular demand, Chef Sandra Lewis is offering her final Spring Wellness 360 "Wellness From the Kitchen" session this month!

"Wellness From the Kitchen" is a series of live cooking demonstrations presented by Chef Sandra Lewis. She is an entertaining and deliciously inspiring chef. Her mission is to educate, energize, and motivate people to live healthy, happy, and productive lives by answering one of the most important questions of the day: "What's for dinner?"

Tuesday, 7/6, 11:00 am: Elevate Your Cooking Game
Chef Sandra will take you through her pantry and cabinets to show you what to have on hand to make a meal easily!  Register here

Tuesday, 7/13, 11:00 am: Pan Searing- Sear it here, finish it there!
Using high heat to seal in juices that form a delicious crust is the way to get a restaurant quality sear on a piece of protein (or tofu or portobello mushroom for vegetarians or vegans). You'll create a beautiful centerpiece for a lovely evening meal!  Register here

Tuesday, 7/20, 11:00 am: Saute Veggies with the Best of Them!
Transform your weeknight cooking and rekindle your love affair with vegetables using this technique.

Tuesday, 7/27, 11:00 am: Healthy Summer Grilling
Some of the tastiest fare on the planet is served up using the oldest and most primitive cooking technique known to man: fire and smoke! Gather around Chef Sandra's indoor grill to learn tips and techniques to serve up perfectly grilled foods that will excite your taste buds. 

Tuesday, 8/3: 11:00 am: Salad Making- Finally, Interesting Salads!
Think salads are boring? In this live session, you will appreciate how diverse a salad can be and learn how to make your own delicious salad dressing.  Register here

July Mindful Mondays: The Power of Five

Mindful Monday 
Monday, 7/12, 11:00 am: 5 Simple Ways to Start the Week with Less Stress
Are Monday mornings stressful as you start the work week? Stress can prevent you from doing your best work, which creates even more stress. This Monday, try these five simple ways to minimize manic Monday stress.

Monday, 7/19, 11:00 am: 5 Healthy Intentions for the Week
Start this week with a fresh beginning! This session creates a clean slate for you to refresh your healthy intentions for the week.  Register here

Monday, 7/26, 11:00 am: 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique
This 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique uses your five senses to focus on the moment and to avoid anxious thoughts.  Register here

Take time to Unwind

July's Unwind Time sessions will take you on a 15-minute virtual vacation each Friday!

Friday, July 9, 11:00 am: Mountain Meditation
Join us as we experience the coolness and beauty of Maryland's mountains in this refreshing 15-minute meditation.

Friday, July 16, 11:00 am: Lake Meditation
Let's visit Deep Creek Lake in this calming Lake Meditation!

Friday, July 23, 11:00 am: Ocean Meditation
Ocean City, anyone? Let's visit the ocean in this serene and restorative meditation.  Register here

Friday, July 30, 11:00 am: Garden Meditation
This meditation will take you to one of Maryland's beautiful gardens.



 Join and Win Great Prizes With the Gratitude Challenge

Healthy Habits Challenge

June 29 - July 28 

Our last challenge of the Spring Wellness 360 campaign is a Gratitude Challenge that runs from 6/29 through 7/28. Research has found that expressing gratitude consistently contributes to overall well-being and a more positive outlook. In this 4-week challenge, you will try a variety of gratitude activities from a checklist of weekly ideas. Your goal is to check off 20 or more activities by the end of the challenge. 

This challenge also offers you the opportunity to interact with other participants via weekly blog posts and comment boards. You'll get to share your gratitude and learn about what other participants are grateful for. 

And, by participating in this challenge, you are automatically entered for one of over 100 raffle prizes! 

How to Join the Gratitude Challenge

Good news: If you have registered for Challenges already, you are already in! Simply go into your Challenges account at mymdwellnesschallenge.com and sign in. Once in, you'll see the Gratitude Challenge in the center of the page. 

And, still good  news: If you haven't registered for Challenges, you still can! Just go here to submit a request for an account that will link you to the Challenges portal. Within 2 business days, you will receive an email with instructions to create your personal account.
Dental Health Challenges​ - Win Prizes!
Dental Health Challenges - Woman Smiling into Mirror 
​In addition, you'll be entered automatically for additional dental health prizes like Oral B electric toothbrushes and dental kits when you participate in online dental health workshops and live dental webinars!

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Brought to you by Delta Dental and open to all employees, fun and educational online health education activities are available now. All registrants will win a dental kit! Register here.