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Word of the Day - EPO

​We get it.  "Benefits-speak" can seem like a completely foreign language.  That's why we will be offering a word of the day feature - to help make benefits more understandable so you can use your benefits effectively.

Today's word is EPO - Exclusive Provider Organization.

An EPO is a plan in which you must use only providers who are listed in the plan's network (known as in-network providers) for all of your medical care.  The only exception is for a medical emergency; in that case you can go to any hospital emergency department.

An EPO typically uses a national network that may be similar to or even identical to the insurance carrier's PPO plan (Preferred Provider Organization).  This makes it a lot easier to stay "in-network" and not have to pay for care out of your pocket other than the copays listed in the plan summary found in our Benefits Guide.