Preventing the Release of Personal Information

Changes to Sharing of Employee Information 
Required by Maryland General Assembly​

If you are in a bargaining unit, you should be aware of changes that were made by the Maryland General Assembly to the way in which your employee information is shared with the exclusive representative of your bargaining unit (the “Union”).  Prior to the 2018 Legislative Session, most of this information was made available after an “opt out” process was conducted, which permitted an employee to deny the Union access to the employee’s information.

With the passage of House Bill 1017, effective October 1, 2018 employee information will be made available upon request by the Union once every 120 days and within 30 days of a new employee’s date of hire. ​

What is "employee information"?

  • Your name
  • Your current position
  • Your classification
  • Your employing unit
  • Your home address
  • Your home telephone number
  • Your work site address
  • Your work telephone number
  • Your work email address
  • Your Position Identification Number (or "PIN")

Do Not Contact

  • If you do not wish to be contacted by the Union, you must notify the Union in writing.  Upon notification, the Union is required to withhold further communication.

  • ​Be aware that the Union does maintain the right to contact you if required by law (e.g. contract ratification, etc.)

  • You can later revoke your request and allow the Union to contact you.​