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Contacts within the Department, Department Directives and Policies, and general information on the Department's methods of conducting procurements.​

DBM's Procurement Role:  DBM is one of four Statewide Procurement Control Agencies in the Executive Branch of Maryland State government. DBM's area of procurement control is services. The State Treasurer's Office (STO) controls banking, investment, other financial services, insurance, and insurance-related services. The Department of General Services (DGS) controls commodities and supplies, maintenance, capital equipment, capital construction and architectural and engineering; and the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) controls information technology. However, whereas all State Agencies are subject to the control authority of STO, there are exceptions to the control authority of DBM, DGS, and DoIT.

DBM's Procurement Guidance and Training: DBM helps to interpret State procurement law and regulations, and provides guidance and training for State agency personnel. It reviews and comments on services and motor vehicle lease procurements. These procurements comprise a large portion of the State's procurements. The Department approves services solicitations from other State agencies prior to their release for bidding and contracts prior to implementation. The Department maintains offices at 45 Calvert Street in Annapolis and 300 and 301 W. Preston Street in Baltimore.

Types of Procurements Originated at DBM: DBM does relatively little direct contracting for its own needs, including few small procurements. The Department primarily awards contracts with statewide impact. These typically large statewide contracts generally average over $1 billion in annual value and fall into the category of human resources or personnel, e.g. health benefits, recruitment, training, and other personnel-related services for State employees. The Department also awards foreign language interpretation and translation services, fleet maintenance services, travel services, online job posting and employment advertising services, and audit services contracts which are available for use by other State agencies and local governments.

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