Procurement & Contracts

Contract Library
A repository for information associated with awards made by the Department, including the documents associated with the conduct of the procurement, copies of executed contracts, and other related contract material.

Doing Business with DBM
Contacts within the Department, Department Directives and Policies, and general information on the Department's methods of conducting procurements.

How to Create a DBM BPW Agenda Item
Information regarding DBM approval of new contracts, renewals, and modifications and submissions to the Board of Public Works.

How to Create a Procurement Agency Activity Report (PAAR)
Information regarding agency delegated approvals over $50,000 for new contracts, renewals, modifications, and submissions to DBM for the PAAR.

Interagency Agreements

MBE Delegation on DBM Contracts
Information regarding delegation of MBE on DBM master contracts and statewide contracts.


Attention: Non-State Governments and Non-Profits

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