Audit Services Contract 2015-2020 SBR Guidance

Excerpt from Audit Services Contract RFP, Section 1.44:

All procurements by Maryland State Agencies listed as Designated Procurement Units under COMAR are eligible for designation as small business reserve procurements. See COMAR A Designated Procurement Unit Agency may designate any qualifying TORFP issued pursuant to this RFP as a Small Business Reserve (SBR) TORFP. The resulting TOA may only be awarded to a Master Contractor that is a certified small business (See COMAR, that meets the statutory qualifications of a small business as defined in §14-501(c) State Finance and Procurement (SFP) Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, and is registered with the Department of General Services (DGS) SBR Program at the time of Task Order award.

The Designated Procurement Unit Agency shall assess the potential for an MBE subcontractor participation goal, if applicable, for each SBR TORFP.

Throughout the term of the Master Contract, Master Contractors registered under SBR guidelines shall promptly notify the Contract Manager of any change in their SBR status. Should a Master Contractor become SBR certified after award of a Master Contract, the Master Contractor shall notify and provide the Contract Manager with its DGS-assigned SBR registration number.

Information regarding the Small Business Reserve Program and Small Business standards can be obtained from the Maryland Department of General Services website at