Audit Services Contract: Task Order Process


  1. At the conclusion of the TOA, the Agency TOM will verify all deliverables have been met, that the Agency accepts the final results, and processes the final invoice for payment.
  2. The Agency TOM will email notice to the DBM Contract Manager that the final payment to the TOA Contractor has been made and that all deliverables and payments were made in accordance with the TOA.
  3. Within three weeks of the end of the TOA term, the Agency TOM will e-mail or FAX the DBM Contract Manager a completed “AGENCY FEEDBACK FORM AT THE COMPLETION OF AN ASC TOA” which includes the Agency’s TOA MBE and VSBE compliance as reported, and the Agency’s satisfaction level with the DBM Task Order process under this ASC.
  4. If the Agency Feedback Form is not completed and returned to the DBM Contract Manager as indicated, or if the MBE or VSBE information in ADPICS has not been accurately and timely completed, the Agency may not be allowed to utilize another TORFP under the Statewide Master ASC until these conditions are satisfied.​