Customer Service Master Contract: Task Order Process


  1. At the required time, the DBM Contract Manager will instruct the Agency TOM/PO to prepare a Direct Purchase Order (DPO) release against DBM’s statewide Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) for the applicable Master Contractor (MC) via the following process:
    1. Prepare a release from the DBM CSMC Master BPO using the 2360 ADPICS screen. NOTE: Only a release using the 2360 screen against the correct MC will be accepted.
    2. Complete the 2365 ADPICS screen using the commodity code: 20558-TRAINX for training services and/or 91858 for consulting services.
    3. Complete the 2356 ADPICS screen as follows:​​
    4. i. The ‘PROCUREMENT METHOD’ IS “TOR”. If the screen defaults here to procurement method ‘R’, ​overwrite the ‘R’ with “TOR”. This will ensure that reporting for MBE and VSBE can be completed.
      ii. The 'CATEGORY OF WORK’ IS "S";
      iii. The ‘AWARD AUTHORITY’ IS “DBM”;
      iv. The MBE and/or VSBE Waiver fields are completed if applicable;
      v. The MBE and/or VSBE Waiver % fields are completed if applicable;
      vi. The MBE and VSBE Goal % fields are always completed; and,
      vii. The ‘DESCRIPTION’ (DESC) field is completed.
    5. Complete the 2345 Subcontractor Entry screen for each MBE and VSBE subcontractor assigned to the TOA. You will need to know the subcontractor’s Federal ID number to add a subcontractor to this screen. (See also Part 5: MBE, VSBE and SBR Reporting​.)
    6. Establish the proper approval agency path to obtain all necessary agency approvals. (Note: this is your agency’s internal approval path and does not include DBM or the BPW)​
    7. “Post” the completed ADPICS item. The commodity code noted above will automatically route the ADPICS entry to the DBM Contract Manager in the approval path.
    8. For any questions regarding how to complete ADPICS screens, contact the DoIT Service Desk at 410-697-9700. Explain that you are preparing a DPO as a “release” from the 2017 CSMC Master BPO.​
  2. DBM Contract Manager will either approve, or reject with explanation
  3. After DBM Contract Manager's final approval, the Agency is now responsible for issuing and sending the approved DPO to the selected MC.​​