Customer Service Master Contract: Task Order Process

​PART 4: Task Order Agreement (TOA)

  1. The Agency TOM will manage the TOA.​
  2. The Agency TOM and the TOA MC will work to complete the requirements of the TOA as identified within the TORFP and subsequent TOA.
  3. The Agency TOM plays an active role in monitoring the TOA requirements and the MC’s performance, which includes the MBE and VSBE subcontractor participation on the TOA. The Agency TOM is not just a record keeper, but actively monitors and provides remedial action to correct any deficiencies in the MC’s performance of both the audit services and the MBE and VSBE participation results. Active management by both the Agency TOM and the MC on a daily/weekly/monthly basis provides for successful TOA results.
  4. On a monthly basis until final deliverables and invoicing have been accepted and reported, even if there is zero work effort performed or zero invoicing, the MC will provide status reports for the prior month’s activity per the TOA requirements. In addition, the MC and its MBE and VSBE subcontractors must provide to the TOM respectively, MBE D-4 A&B and VSBE E-3 forms for MC activity and MBE D-5 form(s) directly from the MBE Subcontractor(s) and VSBE E-4 form(s) directly from the VSBE Subcontractor(s) to the TOM for their activity. he TOM is responsible for seeing that the MBE D-5 and VSBE E-4 information is entered into ADPICS by the 11th of each month following the month of activity. (See Part 5: MBE, VSBE and SBR Reporting.)
  5. Additionally, the MC may be required to provide more frequent reports, as specified in the TOA and based on the nature of the services provided under the TO. For example, reports for classroom training might be different than reports fo computer-based training. And there may be different reporting requirements for process improvement consulting.
  6. Neither the TOA MC nor the Agency TOM is authorized to make changes to the TOA. The Agency TOM must discuss any issue with the DBM Contract Manager.  ADPICS Change Orders will not be initiated by the Agency until the DBM Contract Manager approves the need for a change order. The DBM Contract Manager will only process an ADPICS change order if the DBM Contract Manager has given the Agency TOM/PO prior authorization to initiate a change order in ADPICS, and all requested documentation from the Agency has been received.
  7. For the purposes of the Customer service master contract, the Agency may not request the Master Contractor to sign another contractual document or change order. Contractual documents and authorization are by the Department of Budget and Management only.
  8. The Agency is responsible for ensuring that the MC understands the applicableness of the Living Wage requirements under Title 18. At the time of TOA award, if applicable, the DBM Contract Manager notifies DLLR of the TOA award and the Agency TOM contact information via email at (see PART 2 - Item 18). The Agency is responsible for any follow-up communication and reporting regarding Living Wage with DLLR for the TOA.