Service Category II: Onsite Interpretation

American Sign Language (ASL) services are NOT available under this contract; please see the Statewide Visual Communications Contract Home Page for more information on these services. 

See this link for ASL services,​​

Please refer to Section 2.3 in the Contract Services Overview (255KB PDF) for a detailed description of these services.

Primary Contractor: Ad Astra, Inc.

Master BPO #050B3400003 (see Ordering/ADPICS Procedures)

Contact: Amy Trout Hughes, COO

Request Line: 1-800-308-4807
Request E-mail:
Fax: 1-301-408-4448

To place requests using the On-Line Scheduling System, go to:

Secondary Back-Up Contractor: Interpreters Unlimited
Registration/Request Line: 1-888-826-8333
Registration/Request E-mail:
Fax: 1-800-726-9822