Statewide Job Recruitment Advertising Services 2019 (Print Posting)

Contract Title: Job Recruitment Advertising Services with the Baltimore Sun 

BPO #050B9400001

This contract provides Maryland State agencies with a discounted group rate for print job recruitment advertising with the Baltimore Sun. This group rate is established under the presumption that all State agencies will collectively place $75,000 worth of job recruiting advertising during the one-year contract period.

Contract Term:  3/1/2019 – 2/29/2020

Contract Awarded to: The Baltimore Sun Company, LLC

Contractor Contact:  Brian Price, Director, Advertiser Marketing Solutions 


Phone:  410-332-6438
Or, contact your current Baltimore Sun Recruitment Advertising Specialist​

To set up an account, place or cancel an order, contact your existing Baltimore Sun Recruitment Advertising Specialist or contact Brian Price at the Sun (email address and phone number listed above) to assign a Specialist for your agency. Each agency is responsible for establishing its account and reimbursing the Baltimore Sun Company for services rendered.
State agencies using this contract are required to reference the BPO number listed above when entering purchase orders in ADPICS.

(View ADPICS Procedures)


Please direct all questions about this contract to the Contract Manager: 
Andrea Lockett 
Telephone: 410.260.7374

For positive feedback or concerns regarding issues that may arise while doing business with the Contractor for this contract, please contact Andrea Lockett.​