ADPICS Procedures for State Agencies

  1. Upon coordinating with the appropriate Service Category Contractor, prepare a release off the DBM identified BPO using the 2360 ADPICS screen. (NOTE:  Only a release using the 2360 screen against the correct BPO number is acceptable. If your agency does not have access to the 2360 screen, or must do the requisition process first, please do the following:  First fill out the Requisition Screen No. 2100.  When finished with the requisition screen, this will take you to the Purchase Order Screen No. 2340.  After filling out the 2340 screen, continue with the procedures below in Step b.)
  2. Complete the 2356 ADPICS screen as follows:
    2. The ‘CATEGORY OF WORK’ IS “S”
    3. The ‘AWARD AUTHORITY ‘ IS “DBM” and,
    4. The ‘DESCRIPTION’ field is completed.
  3. Establish the proper approval agency path to obtain all your necessary agency approvals (Note:  this is your agency’s internal approval path and does not include DBM or the BPW) and post the completed item.


Please direct questions about this contract to:
Visual Communication Services (VCS) Contract Administrator
Andrea Lockett
Telephone: 410.260.7374

For an additional resource for Visual Communication Services please contact Kelby Brick, Director for the Governor's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH)