Visual Communication Services Contract Ordering Procedures

This contract provides Maryland State agencies (*as well as Maryland's other non-State government entities such as the local governments, counties, municipalities, etc. and Maryland Not-for-Profits*) with competent, continuously available visual communication services to in four (4) Service Category Areas: (See terms and conditions for an explanation of the services).

When placing an order, be certain that the Vendor knows you are placing the request as part of the State of Maryland Contract.

Prior to placing an order​, the following steps must take place:

  1. Email the selected Vendor to obtain a UserID and password (refer to the VCS registration contacts list);
  2. This UserID and password will provide access to the Vendor's website to request services;
  3. Refer to the timeframes for confirmation of services and go to step 4 if timeframe is met; otherwise proceed to the next Vendor on the list and request services until confirmation is obtained within the timeframe allotted;
  4. Once you receive confirmation for your request, provide the Vendor with your purchase order - refer to ADPICS Ordering Procedures.
  5. Upon completion of the assignment, the Vendor will provide an interpreter assignment sheet to validate the assignment was completed.

State agencies using this contract are required to reference the BPO numbers listed on the service categories pages when entering purchase orders in ADPICS - refer to ADPICS Ordering Procedures.

Each agency is responsible for establishing its account(s) and reimbursing the Visual Communication Services Contractors for services rendered.

NOTE: It is critical that the requesting agency choose the primary #1-ranked providers in each of the four (4) categories. ONLY if the #1-ranked provider has documented they cannot provide the service within the accepted timeframe, is the next-ranked provider then afforded the assignment. Documentation is required if the highest-ranked vendor is unable to provide services until the services are fulfilled.

Although ALL interpreting services are available 24/7/365, please contact each company to set up your account (User ID) and find out about user training.

For positive feedback or concerns regarding issues that may arise while doing business with any of the Contractors on this contract, please contact the Contract Administration, Joy Epstein at, or 410-260-7570.



Please direct questions about this contract to:
Visual Communication Services (VCS) Contract Administrator
Andrea Lockett
Telephone: 410.260.7374

For an additional resource for Visual Communication Services please contact Kelby Brick, Director for the Governor's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH)