050B8400005 - Category IV - Remote CART

​​The instant verbatim translation of the spoken word into English text by a remote CART provider using a computer and real-time software through an Internet or telephone connection from an off-site location. 

#1-Ranked Contractor:Karasch Enterprises
Contact Info:
Contact: ​Ed Sarkissian
Toll-free: 800-621-5689 x114
Fax: 610-696-2008
E-mail: CART@karasch.com
Or, for general questions, call Customer Service: 800-621-5689 x5
Website for Online Registration: www.karasch.com/Captioning/MDProject
Is this Primary Vendor available and/or have they responded within the required timeframe stated on your request?

There is no #3-ranked vendor.


Please direct questions about this contract to:
Visual Communication Services (VCS) Contract Administrator
Andrea Lockett
Email: andrea.lockett@maryland.gov
Telephone: 410.260.7374

For an additional resource for Visual Communication Services please contact Kelby Brick, Director for the Governor's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH)