Office of the Statewide EEO Coordinator - Roles and Responsibilities

The OSEEOC is responsible for the following specific tasks:

  • Monitoring and evaluating activities, policies and practices of Maryland State government to ensure they are in compliance with State and federal employment  provisions and the Governor’s Executive Order on Fair Employment Practices;
  • Reviewing and investigating appeals of decisions in EEO complaints filed against Executive Branch agencies, including agencies with independent personnel systems and the University System of Maryland, and, as designee of the Secretary, for investigating whistleblower complaints filed against such agencies, with the exception of those filed against the Department of Budget and Management;
  • Making certain that State employees understand the State’s EEO policies and their rights and responsibilities;
  • Coordinating and implementing training on such topics as ADA, Sexual Harassment, Diversity, and EEO laws;
  • Preparing the Annual Report on the State’s EEO Program;
  • Monitoring discrimination complaints against State agencies filed with the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, and other external enforcement agencies;
  • Conducting Agency Audit Compliance Reviews;
  • Assisting agency Fair Practices, Equal Employment Opportunity and Americans with Disabilities Act Officers with enforcement efforts;
  • Partnering with the Maryland Department of Disabilities to provide ongoing education and assistance to the ADA Officers;
  • Providing consultation and technical assistance to agency Fair Practices, EEO and ADA officers, as well as other agency officials;
  • Preparing and distributing reports in compliance with other State and federal requirements.