Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service offered to help State employees who face personal matters that adversely affect job performance. Supervisors are encouraged to refer employees to the EAP when an employee’s personal issues have begun to negatively impact his or her work performance. Supervisory referrals are submitted through the agency EAP representative to the EAP office within the Employee Relations Division of the Office of Personnel Services and Benefits, Department of Budget and Management, by completing a referral form.

Please note that the employee remains responsible for making the required performance or behavioral improvement whether or not he/she agrees to participate in EAP.

Keep in mind that EAP participation is totally voluntary. Once referred, the employee will be scheduled for an initial assessment with an EAP counselor. This initial visit will be considered work time and there is no fee or leave charged to the employee for attendance during the assessment period. If treatment is recommended beyond the initial assessment period and the employee agrees to proceed with it, a co-payment will be required for those subsequent sessions and the employee must begin to use accrued leave if attending those sessions during work hours.

The EAP also is an essential part of the State’s initiative to eliminate the impact of Domestic Violence issues. Employees experiencing domestic violence are encouraged to contact the EAP Office for guidance. Employees may also find helpful resources through Judiciary's Domestic Violence Webpage​.



This information is only a summary. Please refer to source documents or contact your personnel office with specific questions.