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Getting a Flu Shot

Getting A Flu Shot

​Flu season is here once again, and your State health plans are partnering with local pharmacies to give you a free flu shot!!

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Flu Shot Season Questions and Answers

What retail pharmacies are participating in the flu shot program?
The list of participating pharmacies varies by individual health plan.  Be sure to contact your local pharmacy to find out if it is participating in the flu shot program. Also, see your health plan’s participating pharmacy list.

Flu shots at retail health clinics, such as CVS or Target Clinic will be covered for members through the medical benefit, at the same in-network level.
What happens if I get a flu shot at a pharmacy that does not participate in the program?
Flu shots will not be covered at non-participating pharmacies. You will have to get the shot at your own expense.
When can I receive a flu shot?
Members can receive flu shots at local participating pharmacies as soon as the pharmacy or retail stores have vaccine available and begin giving shots. Flu shots should be available for the duration of the flu season.
Are there any special requirements to get a free flu shot?
Be sure that you and covered family members present your plan ID card at the pharmacy counter so that the pharmacist can determine your eligibility and coverage.
Will there be walk-in service available or will members have to make an appointment?
An appointment may be required by the pharmacy. Members should call the participating flu shot pharmacy to determine when pharmacy flu shots are available.
Posted: 10/7/2013 11:47 AM