OPSB - Personnel Services Division

Jennifer Hine, Director
301 W. Preston Street, Room 705
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 767-4718
(410) 333-5262

The Personnel Services Division supports the Executive Director of the Office of Personnel Services and Benefits in assisting the efforts of State employees to produce government services that meet the standards of quality, efficiency, and responsiveness desired by the citizens of Maryland. Our assistance includes:

  • development, evaluation, and support of legislative proposals related to personnel;
  • proposal of regulations to implement personnel laws and the negotiated Memorandums of Understanding (MOU);
  • support of collective bargaining negotiations and the implementation of the MOUs;
  • implementation of the statewide teleworking program;
  • interpretation of personnel laws; and
  • support of DBM's employees and managers in personnel matters.

Services Offered

The Personnel Services Division interprets statewide personnel policies, assists with the implementation of collective bargaining Memorandums of Understanding, drafts personnel legislation and regulations, assists with the statewide implementation of teleworking, and functions as DBM's agency personnel office.​ The Division is also responsible for monitoring the State Medical Director contract, as well as the contracts for testing for illegal use of drugs by State applicants and employees, and evaluating requests from employees under the State Employees Leave Bank Program​