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The Maryland Statewide Personnel System also known as SPS is a collection of applications that will streamline and modernize the states approach to managing Human Resources, time and attendance, learning, state job search and applications for state employees across all 54 agencies. The Statewide Personnel System is made up of three separate applications:

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The Statewide Personnel System(SPS) marks a new direction for how the State will manage its human resources data in the future. All SPS applications are hosted in “the cloud”, which offers many advantages including reduced hardware and software costs, robust security, and shorter application update timeframes. Cloud based applications open up new ways for state agencies to manage time and attendance, training, and state job applications from anywhere and at any time.





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Stay connected with important information from the SPS Project Team. In Workday, make sure that your work email address information is filled out correctly. Also continue to check the SPS News and the SPS Timekeeping FAQs for additional up to date information.