Office of Attorney General

Brent Bolea, Principal Counsel
Tel: 410-260-7202 (Annapolis)
Tel: 410-767-1056 (Baltimore)

Michael Scott Friedman, Deputy Counsel
Tel: 410-767-1239

The Office of the Attorney General provides legal advice to all Divisions and Offices within the Department. Three Assistant Attorneys General and three staff attorneys provide advice exclusively to the Central Collection Unit. An additional four Assistant Attorneys General provide advice to the rest of the Department. One Assistant Attorney General is assigned to represent the State Labor Board and the State Higher Education Labor Board, but provides no legal advice to the Department.

Legal advice includes matters relating to the State Operating and Capital budgets, review of solicitations and contracts, assistance in all aspects of procurement (including contract negotiation), representation in any case in which the Department is a party, review of contemplated transactions, interpretation of laws applicable to the Department, review of proposed regulations, review of proposed policies, and advice regarding Department-specific and statewide employee issues.​​