​​​​​​Success Secrets: Keys to Tapping Your Own Potential 

Success is the business of trying to improve the things you do. Success is accepting bigger and greater challenges. And, it begins with having a dream. 

"To find your dream, ask yourself what your passion or purpose is and then pursue it," says Jeff Mayer, author of Success is a Journey: 7 Steps to Achieving Success in the Business of Life. Listed below are keys to success that Mr. Mayer discovered when he studied the talents and characteristics of successful people. As you look at the list below, you may realize that you have many of them already! 

Keys to Success   

Successful people have ambition. They want to accomplish something and take great satisfaction in the accomplishment. They have commitment, pride and self-discipline, and are willing to work hard and go the extra mile.  

Successful people are focused. They concentrate on their main goals and objectives, and they don't get sidetracked. But being focused does not mean being inflexible. Successful people are able to adjust when more effective ideas and opportunities appear.

Successful people have the courage to admit they've made a mistake. "Don't waste a lot of time, energy, money and/or other resources trying to defend a mistake or bad decision," Mr. Mayer says. "When you make a mistake, admit it, fix it and move on." 

While successful people have specific knowledge, training and/or skills and talents, when they need information or skills they don't possess, they find ways to interact and draw from someone who does.

Successful people work with and cooperate with other people. They have a positive, outgoing personality. They surround themselves with people who offer them help, support, and encouragement. And, notably, they offer the same others as well.

Successful people are enthusiastic. They're excited by what they're doing, and their excitement is contagious. People want to work with them and be with them. Their can-do, positive nature is magnetic!

Learn more about personal and professional success on the MyMDCARES/BHS portal (user name is mymdcares).

Remember that confidential assistance is available through MyMDCARES at no cost to you and your depen​dents by calling 844-405-8200.  Care Coordinators are available 24/7 to provide you with both in-the-moment-support and to set up time for a virtual counseling session.


In need of in-the-moment emotional and wellbeing support? How about financial and legal consultation services? In this welcome kit, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips to review what services are available and create a plan of action for which services you and your dependents wish to access.  Remember, this program is available for whatever life brings you, 24/7, so have this welcome kit on hand for those moments!

​​​And, view this MyMDCARES Orientation Webinar​ at any time for an overview of the program.

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We all have experienced times when life can be uncertain, scary, and overwhelming. This kind of stress can cause strong emotions in us and our children, affecting our relationships, work productivity, and school performance. Wouldn't it be great to have help in navigating life in all aspects of life - relationships, work, school, parenting, financial, legal, and everyday responsibilities?

We now have help! Brought to you by BHS, MyMDCARES provides you and dependents with no-cost, confidential, in-the-moment support - 24/7 to help with personal or professional issues that may interfere with work or family responsibilities. MyMDCARES is a robust whole-life program and "counselor on call" program that offers employees and dependents support and assistance to navigate life. 

Participation is no-cost to you and your dependents! Participation in MyMDCARES does not depend on benefits eligibility. No election is required for participation. It's here for you and your dependents for​ whatever life brings you, 24/7!

How to access MyMDCARES:

Employees and dependents can access MyMDCARES via phone, text, online portal, and a MyMDCARES app. MyMDCARES is available 24/7 - even at 2:00 am!  ​

Listening to cellphone

When you call...
When you call the dedicated MyMDCARES number (844.405.8200), a MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator will answer your call, understand your needs, assist with any emergencies, and connect you to the appropriate resource. The MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator will follow up with you to ensure your needs are met.

Texting on cellphone

When you text...
Text MyMDCARES to ask a question about the program, get in-the-moment support for routine needs, and initiate services. To start a conversation, simple send a text to 800.327.2251 and use one of the following hashtags:
#BEBETTER to connect with a master's level MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator
#WORKLIFE to connect with a Work-Life Resources Specialist

typing on laptop

When you use the portal...
The MyMDCARES program provides access to services, contains information about the program, and offers unlimited access to more than 500,000 tools, resources and trainings on a variety of wellbeing and skill building topics. To connect with a MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator via the portal, the live chat option connects you with an available Care Coordinator to provide in-the-moment support and to initiate services when appropriate. The portal also provides the option to fill out the Services Request Form located on the portal. You will receive a response in one (1) business day.  To access the portal, visit https://portal.bhsonline.com/​. User name is mymdcares (not case sensitive).

typing on app

When you use the app...
Use the MyMDCARES app to access services from anywhere! You can submit a question or request services and a MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator will respond within one business day. You can browse topics such as program overview, emotional well being, personal growth, relationships, and much more. And, you can take personal growth trainings through the app!

*MyMDCARES is available to active employees within the State Personnel Management System, Maryland Department of Transportation, Judiciary and Legislature,​ including all full and part-time employees and contractual employees. This program is not available to contingent workers, temporary employees, and interns.

​​Common Reasons to Use MyMDCARES

Relationships, Life Events, Emotional Wellbeing Risks ​Common reasons to use MyMDCARES are relationship issues (family friends, work relationships), life changes (illness, divorce, retirement), emotional wellbeing risks (burnout, depression, anxiety), and everyday life challenges (daily responsibilities, parenting, financial, legal). 

Services include:
  • Master's level clinicians for in-the-moment behavioral  health support and guidance whenever it's needed - even at 2 am!
  • Short-term counseling and support, mental health wellbeing coaching, and assistance locating treatment.
  • Services include up to 5 counseling support sessions per issue, with no limit on the number of issues for employees and dependents. 
  • If the issue is not resolved in 5 sessions, a MyMDCARES BHS Care Coordinator will provide a referral to an appropriate resource. This may include services available through the health insurance plans.
  • Free, unlimited telephonic financial consultations.
  • Free 30-minute telephonic or in office legal consultations.
  • A dedicated MyMDCARES web portal with more than 500,000 wellbeing and skill building resources and tools. This includes child and elder care locator resources, pet care locators, a personal resilience journey, webinars, legal and financial forms, and much more!
  • A MyMDCARES app for quick and easy access including one-touch dialing (available through the App Store and Google Play).​

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