Office of Budget Analysis Staff Directory

Jonathan Martin
Executive Director
(410) 260-7288​​​​​​​​
Robin Sabatini
Assistant Director
(410) 260-6122
Kurt Stolzenbach
Assistant Director

   (410) 260-7416

     Budget and Management

 General Assembly


​​​Nathan Bowen
Assistant Director
(410) 260-7580​
Disparity Grants & Miscellaneous Grants
Revenue Stabilization Account
Dedicated Purpose Account & Catastrophic Event Account
Economic Development Opportunities Program ​ ​
​Budget Analysts
​Ligia Aceves​​
Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission
Department of Commerce
Maryland Technology Development Corporation
Breanna Browne
(410) 260-7537
Military Department/ MEMA
MD Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems
Department of Transportation
Maryland State Police​
Anne Davis
Office of the Comptroller​
State Treasurer’s Office
State Department of Assessments and Taxation
Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards
Maryland Tax Court
Yonathan Ghebreselassie
Department of Disabilities
Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
MDH - Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services
MDH – Health Systems & Infrastructure Administration
MDH - Prevention & Health Promotion Administration
MDH - Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
MDH - Office of Preparedness and Response
MDH - Western Maryland Center
MDH - Deer’s Head Center
MDH - Laboratories Administration​
MDH - Developmental Disabilities Administration

Katherine Gibson
Executive Boards, Commissions, and Offices
Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth & Victim Services
State Board of Elections
Department of Veterans Affairs
Subcabinet Fund for Children, Youth, & Families
Kelsey Goering
(410) 260-7481
Injured Workers' Insurance Fund
MDH - Behavioral Health Administration
MDH - Office of the Secretary
MDH - Regulatory Services and Commissions
​​Max Gross 
(410) 260-7987
Office of Public Defender
Maryland Stadium Authority
Office of Administrative Hearings

Redemption and Interest on State Bonds
​​Tom Jones
(410) 260-7578
Department of Agriculture
Canal Place
MD African American Museum Corp
MD Environmental Service
Department of Planning
​​Cristina Jorge-Tuñon
(410) 260-6260
Office of the Attorney General
Executive Department
Public Safety & Correctional Services
Office of the State Prosecutor
​Rachael LaBattaglia​
(410) 260-7659
Maryland Higher Education Commission
Historic St. Mary's City Commission
Maryland 529
Morgan State University
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Kyle Mansfield

(410) 260-7505

Health Benefits

Maryland State Department of Education

Maryland School of the Deaf
State Library Agency
Derek Mitchell
(410) 260-7368
Department of Information Technology
Major IT
Department of Labor
Secretary of State
Bridgett Patton
(410) 974-3726
Health Benefit Exchange
MDH - Medicaid

      Maryland Insurance Administration

Carissa Ralbovsky
410) 260-6616
Maryland Energy Administration
Department of General Services
Department of Natural Resources
Office of People’s Counsel
Public Service Commission 
Jesse Rao
(410) 260-6280
Workers’ Compensation Commission
Lottery & Gaming Control Agency
Maryland State Retirement & Pension Systems
Teachers & State Employees Supplemental Retirement
University System of Maryland
Higher Education Institutions
Baltimore City Community College
​​Jennifer Spangler
(410) 260-6068
Automobile Insurance Fund
Commission on Civil Rights
Food Center Authority
Housing and Community Development

    Department of Juvenile Services

​Emily Vianna
(410) 260-7369
Department of Aging
Board of Public Works
Department of Human Services

Jeff Wulbrecht

410 260-6260


Subsequent Injury Fund

Uninsured Employer’s Fund

​ ​​Budget Processing Team
Angela Miller
Administrator III 
(410) 260-7302
​Veronica Moulis
BARS Administrator
(410) 260-6184
Oxana Olyashevsky
BARS Coordinator
(410) 260-7977
Michelle Pack
Administrator VI
(410) 260-7417
Cheri Gerard​
(410) 260-7049

April, 2021