FY 2019 Responses to DLS Operating Budget Analysis and Testimony

A15000Payments to Civil Divisions of the State174 KB
C00Judiciary11201 KB
C80Office of the Public Defender18 KB
C81C81 - Office of the Attorney General1546 KB
C90Public Service Commission85 KB
C94Subsequent Injury Fund189 KB
C96Uninsured Employers' Fund47 KB
C98Workers Compensation Commission65 KB
Chesapeake-BayChesapeake Bay145 KB
D05E01Board of Public Works331 KB
D10Executive Department - Governor37 KB
D12Department of Disabilities25 KB
D13A13Maryland Energy Administration185 KB
D15A05Executive Department - Boards, Commissions and Offices16 KB
D15A0516Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention836 KB
D16Secretary of State58 KB
D18A18Governor's Office for Children122 KB
D25E03Interagency Committee on School Construction101 KB
D26Maryland Stadium Authority3 KB
D26A07Department of Aging66 KB
D30N00Maryland Food Center Authority16 KB
D38State Board of Elections496 KB
D38I01State Board of Elections503 KB
D40Department of Planning74 KB
D50Military Department81 KB
D53T00MD Institute Emergency Medical Services Systems78 KB
D55P00Department of Veterans Affairs148 KB
D60A10State Archives146 KB
D70J00Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund460 KB
D78Maryland Health Benefit Exchange1591 KB
D80Maryland Insurance Administration33 KB
D99A11Office of Administrative Hearings179 KB
E00Comptroller of the Treasury184 KB
E20State Treasurer167 KB
E50State Department of Assessment and Taxation261 KB
E75Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency2902 KB
E80Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board63 KB
F10Department of Budget and Management - Office of the Secretary43 KB
F10A02DBM - Office of Personnel Services and Benefits58 KB
F50Department of Information Technology147 KB
G20J01Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems7163 KB
G50L00Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans626 KB
H00Department of General Services211 KB
J00Maryland Department of Transportation Overview30 KB
J00A01MDOT - The Secretary's Office17 KB
J00A0104MDOT - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority40 KB
J00A04MDOT - Debt Service Requirements22 KB
J00B01MDOT - State Highway Administration37 KB
J00D00MDOT - Maryland Port Administration69 KB
J00E00MDOT - Motor Vehicle Administration42 KB
J00H01MDOT - Maryland Transit Administration184 KB
J00I00MDOT - Maryland Aviation Administration5451 KB
J00J00MDOT - Maryland Transportation Authority17 KB
K00Department of Natural Resources62 KB
L00Department of Agriculture301 KB
M00Maryland Department of Health Overview264 KB
M00A01Maryland Department of Health - Administration28 KB
M00B01MDH - Office of Health Care Quality333 KB
M00FMDH - Public Health Administration27 KB
M00F01MDH - Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services28 KB
M00F03MDH - Prevention and Health Promotion Administration919 KB
M00IMDH - Chronic Hospitals299 KB
M00LMDH - Behavioral Health Administration2223 KB
M00MMDH - Developmental Disabilities Administration34 KB
M00Q01MDH - Medical Care Programs Administration23 KB
M00R01Health Regulatory Commissions19 KB
M00R0101Maryland Health Care Commission333 KB
M00R0102Health Services Cost Review Commission762 KB
M00R0103Maryland Community Health Resources Commission528 KB
MEMSOFMaryland Emergency Medical System Operations Fund64 KB
N00Department of Human Services Overview and Administration21256 KB
N00BDepartment of Human Services - Social Services Administration6338 KB
N00HDepartment of Human Services-Child Support Administration3433 KB
N00I00Department of Human Services8450 KB
N00I0006DHS - Office of Home Energy Programs4711 KB
P00Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation1268 KB
P00CDLLR - Division of Financial Regulation1977 KB
Q00Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Overview and Administration169 KB
Q00B01DPSCS- Division of Correction206 KB
Q00C01DPSCS - Maryland Parole Commission78 KB
Q00C02DPSCS - Division of Parole and Probation112 KB
Q00D00DPSCS - Patuxent Institution136 KB
Q00E00DPSCS - Inmate Grievance Office68 KB
Q00G00DPSCS - Police and Correctional Training Commissions188 KB
Q00K00DPSCS - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board66 KB
Q00N00DPSCS - Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards57 KB
Q00T04DPSCS- Division of Pretrial Detention100 KB
R00A01MSDE Headquarters51 KB
R00A02MSDE - Aid to Education57 KB
R00A99MSDE - Early Childhood Development39 KB
R01Maryland State Library Agency187 KB
R13Morgan State University2131 KB
R15Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission404 KB
R30University System of Maryland Overview376 KB
R30B21University of Maryland, Baltimore9057 KB
R30B22University of Maryland - College Park3532 KB
R30B28University of Baltimore (Briefing)737 KB
R30B29Salisbury State University (Briefing)2182 KB
R60Maryland 52971 KB
R62Maryland Higher Education Commission Overview66 KB
R62I00Maryland Higher Education Commission80 KB
R62I0010MHEC - Student Financial Assistance94 KB
R62I005Aid to Community Colleges88 KB
R95Baltimore City Community College240 KB
S00Department of Housing and Community Development608 KB
T00Department of Commerce164 KB
T00A99Maryland Economic Development Corporation96 KB
T50Maryland Technology Development Corporation1821 KB
U00Maryland Department of Environment161 KB
V00Department of Juvenile Services113 KB
W00Maryland State Police160 KB
X00Public Debt, Treasurer's Office163 KB
X00A00Public Debt, DBM64 KB
Y01State Reserve Fund, DBM181 KB