FY 2025 Responses to DLS Operating Budget Analysis and Testimony

A15O00.pdfA15O00Payments to Civil Divisions of the State208 KB
C00A00.pdfC00A00Judiciary507 KB
C80B00.pdfC80B00Office of the Public Defender256 KB
C81C00.pdfC81C00Office of the Attorney General414 KB
C82D00.pdfC82D00Office of the State Prosecutor190 KB
C85E00.pdfC85E00Maryland Tax Court96 KB
C90G00.pdfC90G00Public Service Commission187 KB
C91H00.pdfC91H00Office of People's Counsel147 KB
C94I00.pdfC94I00SIF Subsequent Injury Fund217 KB
C96J00.pdfC96J00Uninsured Employers' Fund223 KB
C98F00.pdfC98F00Workers' Compensation Commission124 KB
CHESBAY.pdfCHESBAYChesapeake Bay Overview201 KB
D05E01.pdfD05E01Board of Public Works155 KB
D10A01.pdfD10A01Executive Department - Governor131 KB
D11A0401.pdfD11A0401Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing228 KB
D12A02.pdfD12A02Department of Disabilities68 KB
D13A13.pdfD13A13Maryland Energy Administration239 KB
D15A05.pdfD15A05Executive Dept - Boards, Commissions and Office141 KB
D16A0601.pdfD16A0601Secretary of State152 KB
D17B0151.pdfD17B0151Historic St. Mary's City Commission220 KB
D18.pdfD18Governor's Office for Children128 KB
D21A.pdfD21AGovernor's Office of Crime Prevention and Policy 213 KB
D22.pdfD22Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture165 KB
D23.pdfD23Maryland Cannabis Administration485 KB
D25E03.pdfD25E03Interagency Commission on School Construction162 KB
D26A07.pdfD26A07Maryland Department of Aging186 KB
D27L00.pdfD27L00Maryland Commission on Civil Rights180 KB
D28A03.pdfD28A03Maryland Stadium Authority1177 KB
D29.pdfD29The Maryland Thoroughbred Racetrack Operating Authority148 KB
D38I01.pdfD38I01State Board of Elections106 KB
D40W01.pdfD40W01Maryland Department of Planning144 KB
D50H01.pdfD50H01Military Department117 KB
D52A01.pdfD52A01Maryland Department of  Emergency Management684 KB
D53T00.pdfD53T00Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems420 KB
D55P00.pdfD55P00Department of Veterans Affairs432 KB
D60A10.pdfD60A10MSA State Archives766 KB
D70J00.pdfD70J00Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund106 KB
D78Y01.pdfD78Y01Maryland Health Benefit Exchange132 KB
D80Z01.pdfD80Z01Maryland Insurance Administration230 KB
D90U00.pdfD90U00Canal Place Preservation and Development590 KB
D91.pdfD91West North Avenue Development Authority271 KB
D99A11.pdfD99A11Office of Administrative Hearings134 KB
E00.pdfE00Comptroller of Maryland690 KB
E17.pdfE17Maryland Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis Commission306 KB
E20B01.pdfE20B01State Treasurer291 KB
E50C.pdfE50CState Department of Assessments and Taxation242 KB
E75D.pdfE75DMaryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency937 KB
E80.pdfE80Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board417 KB
F10A.pdfF10ADepartment of Budget and Management -  Secretary231 KB
F10A02.pdfF10A02Department of Budget and Management – Personnel282 KB
F50A01.pdfF50A01The Department of Information Technology657 KB
G20J01.pdfG20J01Maryland State Retirement Agency179 KB
G50L00.pdfG50L00Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plan234 KB
H00.pdfH00Department General Services138 KB
HIGHED.pdfHIGHEDHigher Education Overview5126 KB
I00.pdfI00Department of Service and Civic Innovation97 KB
J00.pdfJ00Maryland Department of Transportation Overview176 KB
J00A01.pdfJ00A01MDOT - The Secretary’s Office220 KB
J00A0104.pdfJ00A0104MDOT WMATA - Operating Budget1631 KB
J00A04.pdfJ00A04MDOT Debt Service Requirements103 KB
J00B01.pdfJ00B01MDOT State Highway Administration1725 KB
J00D00.pdfJ00D00MDOT Maryland Port Administration1895 KB
J00E00.pdfJ00E00MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration195 KB
J00H01.pdfJ00H01MDOT Maryland Transit Administration559 KB
J00I00.pdfJ00I00MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration1433 KB
J00J00.pdfJ00J00MDOT Maryland Transportation Authority1895 KB
K00A.pdfK00ADepartment of Natural Resources347 KB
L00A.pdfL00AMaryland Department of Agriculture104 KB
M00.pdfM00Maryland Department of Health Overview77 KB
M00A01.pdfM00A01Maryland Department of Health426 KB
M00B0103.pdfM00B0103MDH - Office of Health Care Quality438 KB
M00B0104.pdfM00B0104MDH Health Professional Boards and Commissions652 KB
M00F.pdfM00FMDH Public Health Administration476 KB
M00F03.pdfM00F03MDH Prevention and Health Promotion956 KB
M00L.pdfM00LMDH Behavioral Health Administration437 KB
M00M.pdfM00MMDH Developmental Disabilities Administration519 KB
M00Q01.pdfM00Q01MDH Medical Care Programs Administration437 KB
M00R01.pdfM00R01MDH - Health Regulatory Commissions.1178 KB
MEMSOF(D53).pdfMEMSOF(D53)Maryland Emergency Medical System Operations Fund420 KB
MEMSOF(W00).pdfMEMSOF(W00)Maryland Emergency Medical System Operations Fund 104 KB
N00.pdfN00Department of Human Services Overview501 KB
N00A01.pdfN00A01Department of Human Services (Administration)500 KB
N00B00.pdfN00B00DHS Department of Human Services, Social Services Administration3559 KB
N00H00.pdfN00H00DHS Child Support Administration250 KB
N00I00.pdfN00I00Department of Human Services (Family Investment Administration)1396 KB
N00I0006.pdfN00I0006Department of Human Services - Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP)1934 KB
P00.pdfP00Maryland Department of Labor182 KB
Q00.pdfQ00Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Overview324 KB
Q00A.pdfQ00ADPSCS Administration and Offices184 KB
Q00B.pdfQ00BDPSCS Corrections179 KB
Q00C.pdfQ00CDPSCS Community Supervision169 KB
Q00G.pdfQ00GDPSCS Police and Correctional Training Commission168 KB
Q00T04.pdfQ00T04DPSCS Division of Pretrial Detention251 KB
R00A01.pdfR00A01Maryland State Department of Education Headquarters254 KB
R00A02.pdfR00A02MSDE Aid to Education573 KB
R00A03.pdfR00A03MSDE Funding for Educational Organizations - Dr. Carey Wright Interim State Superintendent of Schools186 KB
R00A05.pdfR00A05Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center382 KB
R00A06.pdfR00A06Maryland Center for School Safety185 KB
R00A99.pdfR00A99MSDE Early Childhood Development501 KB
R11A11.pdfR11A11Maryland State Library Agency167 KB
R12A01.pdfR12A01The Accountability and Implementation Board189 KB
R13M00.pdfR13M00MSU Morgan State University11796 KB
R15.pdfR15Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission632 KB
R30B00.pdfR30B00University System of Maryland Overview2767 KB
R30B23.pdfR30B23Bowie State University 4749 KB
R30B27.pdfR30B27Coppin State University3497 KB
R30B28.pdfR30B28University of Baltimore4759 KB
R30B29.pdfR30B29USM Salisbury University (SU)263 KB
R30B30.pdfR30B30University of Maryland Global Campus301 KB
R30B31.pdfR30B31University of Maryland  Baltimore County2817 KB
R30B34.pdfR30B34University of Maryland for Environmental Science3558 KB
R30B36.pdfR30B36University of Maryland  Office226 KB
R62I000.pdfR62I000Maryland Higher Education Commission948 KB
R95C00.pdfR95C00Baltimore City Community College272 KB
R99E.pdfR99EMaryland School for the Deaf287 KB
S00A.pdfS00ADepartment of Housing and Community Development12209 KB
S50B01.pdfS50B01Maryland African American Museum Corporation65 KB
T00.pdfT00Department of Commerce348 KB
T50.pdfT50Maryland Technology Development Corporation325 KB
U00A.pdfU00AMDE Department of the Environment236 KB
U10B00.pdfU10B00Maryland Environmental Service242 KB
V00A.pdfV00ADepartment of Juvenile Services3102 KB
W00A.pdfW00ADepartment of State Police275 KB
X00A00.pdfX00A00Public Debt247 KB
Y01.pdfY01State Reserve Fund249 KB

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