FY 2020 Operating Budget Submission Requirements


Section I – Introduction and Highlights

Section A – Personnel File and Salary Forecast

Section B – Budget File


​B.1 Budget Development Guidance
B.2 Budget Processing and Format
B.3 Technical and Special Fees – Object 02 (Contractual Employee Budgeting)
B.4 Communication – Object 03
B.5 Travel – Object 04
B.6 Fuel and Utilities – Object 06
     B.6.1 Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and State Agency Loan Progr​am (SALP) (0698)
B.7 Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance – Object 07 REVISED 7-12-2018
      B.7.1    Guidelines for Vehicles
      B.7.2    Prices for Automobiles, Trucks, and Vans
      B.7.3    Trade-in/Resale Values: Automobiles, Light Trucks and Vans (LTVs)
      B.7.4    Vehicle Commute Deduction Charge Chart
      B.7.5    Insurance Charges due to State Treasurer’s Office (0704)
B.8 Contractual Services – Object 08
B.9 Supplies and Equipment – Objects 09, 10 and 11
      B.9.1 Lease-Purchase Program for Equipment and Equipment Lease Payments
      B.9.2 Information Technology Budgeting and Prices   
B.10 Grants, Subsidies and Contributions – Object 12
B.11 Fixed Charges (Real Property Leases) – Object 13 REVISED 7-13-2018
      B.11.1 Total DGS Rent Charges (Subobject 1303)
      B.11.2 State-owned Property Lease Charges
      B.11.3 DGS Lease Oversight Charges
      B.11.4 Reimbursable Lease Management Charges
      B.11.5 Insurance Charges due to State Treasurer’s Office (1302)
      Budget Form ​DA-24 – Real Property Leases
B.12 Land and Structures – Object 14 (Operating Maintenance)
B.13 PAYGO Capital Projects
B.14 Standard Rates and Schedules by Comptroller Subobject​​

Section C – Fund File

Section D – Supporting Documents and Legislative Reporting Requirements

Section E – Managing for Results

DA Forms