Publishing Instructions for DLS Testimony

2020 General Assembly Session - FY 2021 Budget Document Submission

Testimony is due to DBM via email by 10:00 a.m. on the morning of the hearing so that it can be posted on the DBM website by noon.

Posting agency budget testimony is the responsibility of DBM.  DBM is required to post an electronic format of agency testimony on its website in time for the budget hearings and so that legislators may access agency response materials through the legislative floor automation system. 

Agency testimony is the official response to the DLS Budget Analysis.  Therefore, testimony should be tailored to reflect the agency’s response to the issues and recommendations only. Other items of presentation (accomplishments, opening statements, etc.)  before the Committees do not need to be posted on the DBM website.  

DBM contact information for where and to whom to submit agency testimony can be found below.  Always send testimony to both contacts listed for Operating/Paygo Budgets or Capital Budget AND copy your respective budget analyst.  If Agency testimony is posted to the agency's website, please send the Web URL, and DBM will link to it on the DLS testimony page.

Please format email Subject Line as follows:   Six-digit (or eight if applicable) Agency Code - Posting of Testimony – Operating OR Capital – e.g. – D15A05 Operating Budget Testimony or K00A0510 – Capital Budget Testimony.

Formatting of Testimony
All budget testimony documents submitted for posting on DBM's web site must be compliant with Non-Visual Access Regulatory Standards..

  • The same testimony will be used for both the House and the Senate hearings. Please do not submit testimony twice.
  • Testimony should be on Agency letterhead and include the sample header shown below: 

Agency Name
Fiscal Year 20## Operating (or Capital) Budget
Response to Department of Legislative Services Budget Analysis

*Senate Committee Name
Senate Subcommittee Name
Senator (chair name)
Hearing Date

*House Committee Name
House Subcommittee Name
Delegate (chair name)
Hearing Date

*For each legislative session, the House and Senate alternate which chamber will move the bill.  Switch the order of Senate and House summaries to coincide with the committee under which the budget bill was introduced – e.g. – in session 2020 the budget bill will be introduced in the Senate; however in the 2021 session, the budget will be introduced in the House. 

Accepted submissions:

  • Accessible Adobe Acrobat PDF documents (8.0 or later)
  • MS Word documents (Office 2003 or later)
  • MS Power Point documents (Office 2003 or later)
  • MS Excel documents (Office 2003 or later)

Authoring Tips:

  • Add alternate text to graphics (including letterhead) before using Acrobat PDFMaker to convert the file to PDF.
  • Create tables by using the Table feature (Table>Insert>Table) of MS Word, rather than by using the Tab key or spacebar to position text on a page. Tables should have a summary tag and table header tags in the code as well.
  • Pie charts and graphs should be limited and should have a narrative explanation in the text.
  • Name of file should be the six-digit budget code (or nine-digit if applicable) of the Department or Agency, i.e. Department of Budget and Management would be "F10A01.pdf".
  • Word documents should not include any Track Changes. Be aware that Microsoft Word 2003 does allow you to change the default setting to hide tracked changes and comments when opening or saving a document. However, not displaying tracked changes or comments does not make them go away. It simply hides them from view. The only way to remove the tracked changes and comments from a document is to accept or reject them. Since the meaning can be altered very easily by track changes wording, any document received with track changes on will be returned to the agency.
  • Whenever possible, multiple documents from an agency should be combined into one document prior to submission.

All testimony (whether documents or website URLs) should be submitted PUNCTUALLY so this information is readily available for scheduled hearings. DBM will publish testimony requests promptly.

Below please find contact information for testimony submission.

For Operating Budget and PAYGO Testimony

Oxana Olyashevsky

Veronica Moulis
Maryland Dept. of Budget & Management
Office of Budget Analysis 
45 Calvert Street Room 222 
Annapolis MD 21401 

(Phone) 410-260-7977 (Olyashevsky)
410-260-6184 (Moulis)
(Fax)  410-974-5634

Please copy the agency assigned operating budget analyst when testimony is submitted to DBM.

For Capital Budget Testimony:

Tiffany Cole-Stitt

Christina Perrotti
Maryland Dept. of Budget & Management
Office of Capital Budgeting 
301 W. Preston Street Suite 1209
Baltimore MD 21201-2365 

(Phone) 410.767.4531 (Cole)
410-767-4539 (Perrotti)
(Fax)  410.767.4169

Please copy both the agency assigned DBM
capital and operating budget analysts when testimony is submitted to DBM