State Budget Books and Automated Inquiries

The State Budget Books consist of five volumes: the Budget Highlights book, three Operating Budget Books, and the Capital Budget book. The State Budget Books are published annually and are available shortly after the 3rd Friday in January.

The Budget Highlights book is an executive summary. The Operating Budget Books contain appropriation and personnel detail as well as Managing for Results (MFR) which focuses on what State agencies are accomplishing with the funding they receive. The Capital Budget Book lists all construction projects proposed for a five-year period.

The complete set of State Budget Books sells for $100. The Budget Highlights book is free while supplies last. The Capital Budget book, if sold separately, sells for $25. If a particular section of the operating budget is of interest, usually an agency or department, it may be possible to print that section while you wait and it is free.

In addition to being available on the web, complete sets are distributed to all County libraries and their branches.

In some instances, information sought by users might not be in the State Budget Books. The state’s budget system may be able to extract the information necessary to satisfy some requests for a small charge to cover programming and computer time.

To request budget books or for information, please contact Angela Miller​, 410-260-7302. ​