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On this page, students and Maryland citizens can find information on internships in Maryland State Agencies. These internships may be paid or unpaid, and for credit or noncredit. Approved internships can easily be arranged through most educational institutions.

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Gettysburg College Graduate -
DBM Intern Success Story

Natalie Adachi - Gettysburg College Graduate and DBM Intern
Natalie Adachi

 My internship with the State of Maryland’s Department of Budget Management (DBM) has been an enlightening, wonderful, and rewarding experience. My areas of interest were Social Media management and website analytics, and DBM went above and beyond to give me projects and work that spoke to those interests. I was able to create content and examine the effects of that content on a long term scale that was truly eye opening and also incredibly educational. I loved my time here! 

Through my internship I was also able to be part of a team of people dedicated to making a difference. I was able to expand upon my skills as well as cultivate new ones, and to do so in an environment where every single person made me feel valued and creatively challenged. 

I graduated Gettysburg College with a major in Cinema and Media Studies and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies--a combination that would not immediately translate to interest in State Government. However, I can safely say to anyone looking to become involved in State Government, or anyone simply interested in an internship in a field or area of interest, that working with DBM will be an incredibly beneficial and worthwhile experience.



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Internships provide students with valuable experience:

  • Integrate theory and practice in their disciplines.
  • Test their skills and ideas in job situations.
  • Learn about professional behavior, including ethics, conduct and job responsibility, and working.
  • Learn valuable information interacting with experienced professionals.
  • Gain a realistic perspective of the working world.
  • Obtain marketable work experience.
  • Build valuable networks for future job searches.