Transfer List Instructions

​A current State employee, who desires to be transferred into the same classification at another location in State government, may apply online to have his/her name placed on the eligible list as a transfer.

State employees can also apply for transfer into any classification of the same grade (not a higher grade) for which they meet the minimum qualifications.  

To be considered as a transfer candidate, you will need to visit our Online Employment Center at  and click on “State Jobs.”  When you arrive at the Online Employment Center, scroll down until you see “Freename Applications,” which is the first listing on the job openings. Click on that link.  Scroll down until you see the button for transfers, and click on that button.  You will then be taken to a page which lists class specifications in alphabetical order.  Find the job title for the classification for which you would like to be placed on the transfer list.  When you select the class title, a new window will open up.  At the top of the page, there is a link that states, “If you are submitting an application associated with a transfer, please click here.”  Click on that link, and an application will open which you can complete and submit to the State of Maryland for placement on the transfer list.  If you are interested in being placed on the transfer list for more than one classification, you must complete the first application, and then return to the Online Employment Center and begin the process again for each additional job class.  (Note: You will be able to copy your application when applying for more than one classification.)

If you need assistance with completing your application, please call 410-767-4850 or email