Frequently Asked Questions

HR Transactions

Agency Transfers

I have an employee moving from my SPMS agency to another SPMS agency and I am attempting a cut off/termination, but Workday won’t allow me to vacate the position. What am I doing wrong?

​With Workday when an employee moves from one SPMS agency to another SPMS agency it is not a cut off or a termination, but a transfer. The receiving agency must complete the process on their end, at which point the position will become vacant at the agency the employee is leaving.


I’m filling out the information for a Contractual but the system won’t let me submit until I enter a Review Code, is this correct?

Yes, you will need to enter the 2 digit Review Code under Contract Description to submit.

I can’t find our Contractual in Workday. What do I do?

Most likely the Contractual was missed in the initial data load. You will need to create a PIN in order to hire them into Workday. ​

To perform the action Maintain Employee Contract I need a two digit code for the contract description – where do I get that code?

The code is found on the 311T under “review code”.​

I am attempting to put in a contractual worker’s job description, but the system won’t let me enter it. What is going on?

You may need to check if you entered the proper employee sub type and job profile when you created the position.​

Correcting Information

Should HR change an incorrect work address for an employee?


If you see the correct address in the drop-down box of available addresses, you can change it. If the correct address is not shown in the drop-down box, or an address needs to be changed in the drop-down box, you will need to open a ticket. ​

Do we have to change incorrect work phone numbers for employees?


No, employees can and should make that change.

A unit in our organization is named incorrectly, how can I get that fixed?


Submit a ticket using the Move Worker/Change Org Name form (for one item) or template (for multiple items).

A person transferring to us has the wrong PIN. How can I get this corrected?


The initiating agency needs to make the correction.

If we successfully completed a business process, but submitted it to the wrong person, can this be corrected?


In this case you would need to submit a ticket so that Shared Services Support can investigate.


CPBI Agencies

Why is Jennifer Hine in our list of approvers for a particular transaction, and she is not part of our agency? Does this need to be corrected?


Jennifer Hine is with DBM. While the approval process stays within your agency if there is ever a breakdown in the process, it could roll up to DBM, which is why someone from DBM is in your list of approvers.

I’ve added a person but don’t see a PIN. Do I need to add a PIN?


WD automatically assigned a PIN when you added the person. CPBI agencies need to maintain an agency-specific cross reference list.


General Questions

If I make a comment on an event, will other people see it?


Yes, comments on events are not private and can be seen by others.

I am locked out of Workday, what do I do?


Please open a ticket. Your account will be unlocked and you will be notified when you can access the system.

I am trying to change a cost center but I’m getting a message that it’s not allowed. What do I need to do?


Each agency’s Sup Org has a specific list of cost centers assigned to it. When you get this message submit a ticket to Shared Services and it will the cost center will be updated/added for you. ​

If I complete a job req in JobAps, why isn’t the job req in Workday auto-filled?


Job reqs in Workday and JobAps do not communicate with each other, or auto-populate.



Will Workday use the new format PINS, or the old format PINS?


All PIN's in Workday will use the new format. The old PIN formats cannot be used going forward.

I see an old PIN format in JobAps – I thought they were all changed?


You may still see old format PINs in JobAps – these were linked to recruitments and hire data and could not be updated, but you won’t use them when completing hire details going forward (as of 11/14/14).

What determines if a recruitment has an old PIN or a new PIN format in JobAps?

  • If a recruitment closed in MS-310 (prior to 11/14/14), it will have the old format PIN.
  • If a recruitment was started in MS-310 and remained open during the transition (prior to 11/14/14), it will have the old format PIN.
  • If a recruitment was initiated in Workday (starting 11/14/14), it will have the new format PIN.

Workday requires a new PIN format, but this recruitment in process has an old PIN format…what do I do?


Agencies will need to follow the PSP lite process in JobAps in order to use a new PIN to hire from an open list. This will be necessary even for PIN's marked as available by the SPS project team as part of the go-live preparations. When following the PSP lite process make certain to select the PIN in its new format.

Any hire that was not completed in the old system (310) prior to shut down will require the following steps:

  • A Workday req., to send the PIN to JobAps;
  • The creation of a new JobAps PSP Lite Req using new PIN and existing Job number;
  • The selection of the new format PIN in JobAps hire details;
  • The integration back to Workday as a hire.

I am trying to unfreeze a PIN but the option to do so is not available.


Please open a ticket and include screenshots so that we may be able to determine how best to assist you. ​

I need to make a PIN change in the same agency. How do I do this?


Change the job transfer from current PIN to a vacant PIN. The current PIN will become vacant and ready to fill automatically.

I have a PIN that gets both Federal and State funding. How can I split the funding on this PIN?


Go under Position/ Data Change and you will be able to indicate the funding split.

I am trying to determine if a PIN has been frozen after an employee left our agency. How can I do that?


Run the “SPMS View All Positions” report and selecting “Frozen” as the position status.

I need to change the program and subprogram of a PIN, how do I do that?


The program and subprogram are part of the cost center 15 digit code. You will need to change the cost center under Change Organizational Assignments. The RSTARS program and subprogram is a reference and will not change the cost center. ​

I need to downgrade a vacant PIN. How do I get started?


In order to downgrade the vacant PIN you will first need to close the Workday job req. After processing the downgrade then you can create a Workday job req to go over to JobAps.​

I am trying to move a person to a new PIN but they are staying in the agency. How do I get started?


Follow the Change Job > Transfer > Intra-Agency Transfer process. You will need to know the name of the manager over the new PIN they are moving into and the name of the Supervisory Org where the new PIN sits.​



Did the process for submitting a hiring freeze exception change?

No. The process is the same, except that it is submitted via Workday instead of JobAps.

Is the process for downgrading a position done in Workday?

Yes. To downgrade a position go to Edit Position Restrictions.​

I created a contractual position in Workday and expected to see it go to CAS for approval, but it went to RED instead. Why?

Straight forward contracts will continue to go to CAS for approval, but if the contract falls outside of the salary guidelines it will go to RED.​

A termination I processed is going to DBM for approval, but it shouldn’t be. Why is DBM indicated in this flow?

In many cases DBM is listed not because the flow requires approval, but simply because the process has been recorded into the system. Your transaction approval processes have remained unchanged from pre-go live; if a particular transaction requires approvals that take place outside of the system, then Workday will not show these approvals, it will simply record the transaction. ​


I am attempting to submit a Re-class, but I can’t find the option to submit. What am I doing wrong?


Only an HR Coordinator can submit a re-class, so if you are not an HR Coordinator the option to submit will not be available to you. If you are an HR Coordinator and you do not have this option shown, please submit a ticket. ​



I’d like to be able to run a report on all of my agency’s employees and see at a glance which are contractual – how can I do that?


Run the report under SPMS View All Positions, and then export to Excel. You can then sort by Employee subtype to see the breakdown of what kind of employees are in your organization.



I am an HR Liaison and I need to process a hire. Can I do this?


No, only an HR Coordinator can process a hire.

There is a person in the approval process for a particular transaction, and they shouldn’t be. How can I get them removed?


First it is important to determine if the person shouldn’t be in the approval process. Based on the particular BP, Workday will determine who should be in the approval process. Speak with your HR headquarters to confirm if this person should be in the approval process. If not, open a ticket.


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