SPS Online Trainings

The following online trainings are designed to prepare State employees to use the Statewide Personnel System (SPS). Each cover a specific functionality of Workday, but not all employees need to take all trainings. If you are unsure of which trainings to take, first confirm your security role(s) and the specific courses required.

SPS-POS-205, Terminating a Worker in Workday

SPS-POS-207, Add Retiree Status 

SPS-BPF-201, Approving and Reviewing, Receiving Notifications in Your Inbox

SPS-BPF-202,   View or Print your Org Chart    

SPS-BPF-203,   Delegate the Initiation of a Business Process  

SPS-BPF-204,   Update or Cancel an Existing Delegation Request   

SPS-MSS-201,  View Worker Information

Additional videos will be added as they become available.