Maryland State Internship Information

On this page, students and Maryland citizens can find information on internships in Maryland State Agencies. These internships may be paid or unpaid, and for credit or noncredit. Approved internships can easily be arranged through most educational institutions.

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Success Story from a 2016 UB Intern

The Maryland Department of Budget and Management’s Office of Personnel Servicesand Benefits and the University of Baltimore have partnered to provide local students with internship opportunities that offer them experience in the workforce. Students in the Merrick School of Business and the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts can work for course credit and in some cases compensation in different operational functional areas. 

Students from the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts studying in the Applied Behavioral Sciences program are able to assist personnel professionals in conducting job analyses, evaluating compensations, and collecting data for the purpose of analyzing and making recommendations for improving work performance and productivity. 

Students from the Merrick School of Business may assist the Recruitment and Examination Division in branding, recruitment, outreach, social media, advertising and public relations. 

DBM’s current intern, Anthony Sahlender, is a student in the Merrick School of Business with a major in Marketing. Anthony has contributed valuable input for development of DBM’s social media platforms, organizational branding, and recruitment efforts.

 Anthony’s reflection on his time as a DBM intern.

Internship Program

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Internships provide students with valuable experience:

  • Integrate theory and practice in their disciplines.
  • Test their skills and ideas in job situations.
  • Learn about professional behavior, including ethics, conduct and job responsibility, and working.
  • Learn valuable information interacting with experienced professionals.
  • Gain a realistic perspective of the working world.
  • Obtain marketable work experience.
  • Build valuable networks for future job searches.