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On this page, students and Maryland citizens can find information on internships in Maryland State Agencies. These internships may be paid or unpaid, and for credit or noncredit. Approved internships can easily be arranged through most educational institutions.

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2017 UMBC Graduate - DBM Intern Success Story

Wasem Mansour - 2017 UMBC Graduate and DBM Intern
Wasem Mansour

The State of Maryland has given me an extremely rewarding and insightful internship experience! ​

As an intern here at the State of Maryland’s Department of Budget and Management (DBM), there are many opportunities to develop, discover new passions, and gain valuable experiences. 

I decided to accept the internship at the state of Maryland for a variety of reasons, but most of all, I felt challenged here. The projects that are assigned to me are different every day and always keep me on my toes. I felt adequately prepared to complete my various projects because of the support received from my coworkers and supervisors, which shows that they truly care about their interns. 

What I loved most about interning for the State of Maryland is that you’re truly helping people that need it! Some may not think that an intern can have the impact to change anyone’s life, but I’m here to tell you that that is not true. I have contributed my input for development of DBM’s social media platforms, organizational branding, and recruitment efforts. It feels amazing to be able to help spread the word about available job opportunities out there that can potentially change someone’s life for the better!

To any prospective intern out there looking to get involved, I want to tell you that you will get a lot out of your time here. Things will work out for you as long as you work hard and communicate with your peers and supervisors. I knew that interning for the State of Maryland would be challenging, so it was important for me to be in a collaborative environment. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to accelerate and do things that I might not be able to do at another internship. 

After completing my internship for DBM’s Recruitment and Examination Division I will be joining the technology sector as a Software Development Analyst while giving tremendous effort and gaining the insight of a global force: Northrop Grumman. I hope to make a lasting impact in my career, and to continue pursuing my passion of helping people build the life that they deserve, through collaboration, innovation, and support.  


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Internships provide students with valuable experience:

  • Integrate theory and practice in their disciplines.
  • Test their skills and ideas in job situations.
  • Learn about professional behavior, including ethics, conduct and job responsibility, and working.
  • Learn valuable information interacting with experienced professionals.
  • Gain a realistic perspective of the working world.
  • Obtain marketable work experience.
  • Build valuable networks for future job searches.