Featured Veteran State Employee DuWayne Tinsley

AW139 Maryland State HelicopterYou’re leaving your downtown office.
You hear the unmistakable “buzzing” of helicopter blades moving through the air and the unmistakable whine of the twin turboshaft engines. 
You see the massive black, yellow and olive drab AW139 helicopter, Trooper 1, slowly fly into sight. Your heart beats a little faster. You know what the descent of the Maryland State Police helicopter means: somewhere in Cecil, Harford or Baltimore County an emergency situation required the services of the Maryland State Aviation Command. 
Who are these brave individuals high in the sky providing life-saving transport on a daily basis? 

​Let us introduce you to one of the Maryland State Trooper (MSP) Civilian Pilots:


DuWayne A. Tinsley - MSP Pilot
DuWayne A. Tinsley - MSP Pilot
DuWayne A. Tinsley ​is another hiring success story in matching Veterans with Maryland State jobs. Mr. Tinsley entered the Army in 1984 after graduating from high school. He started with the Military Police Corp. serving 28 years (Active Duty, Inactive Ready Reserves, Reserves and National Guard). He retired at the rank of CW4 as an Instructor/Maintenance Test Pilot for the UH-60 A/L Blackhawk helicopter. 

After selflessly serving his country overseas, a position like sightseeing helicopter pilot in New York (where he still resides) just didn’t offer the meaningful work he was looking for and used to performing. Becoming a MSP Pilot for the Aviation Command at Martin State Airport did offer that opportunity.

When asked “Why Maryland?” since he lives in New York, Mr. Tinsley proudly stated “Because of the mission that Maryland performs and Maryland has the best helicopters”!

With Maryland’s online application process, we were happy to learn that Mr. Tinsley was even able to apply for the MSP Pilot position from overseas in Saudi Arabia!

DuWayne A. Tinsley - MSP Pilot

Chief Warrant Officer 4
Bagdad, Iraq 2008

DuWayne A. Tinsley - MSP Pilot

MSP Pilot DuWayne Tinsley  Martin
State Airport 2016 

In addition to being meaningful work, Mr. Tinsley explained that he was also attracted to MSP by the service credits the state offers military personnel. 

If you are in the Military, or a Veteran interested in employment with Maryland State government please check out our Job Seekers Information page.

Additional Military/Veteran information may be found at the Maryland State Police Military Information page.

Next time you hear that “buzzing” sound overhead and realize the MSP AW-139 is minutes from sight, remember DuWayne A. Tinsley of New York and his service to the people of Maryland.​
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