Be A Driving Force for Safety - On and Off the Job

Choose Safety for Life:

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Buckle up.
Slow down – speeding kills.
Always drive sober.
Everyone share the road – everyone gets home.

Maryland government works hard to improve public health and safety for our families. We've passed tough new laws cracking down on drunken driving, speeding and texting while driving. Be A Driving Force for Safety carries that protection to you, the dedicated men and women who serve Maryland, by helping to protect you from a major cause of workplace injury - traffic crashes.

Traffic crashes kill, on average, more than 600 people in Maryland EVERY year.

Another 50,000 people are injured in Maryland EVERY year.

Most of these crashes were caused by driver error, and could have been prevented.


Take the online driver improvement program – and review the rules of the road.

Put the campaign in action every time you travel – whether on State or personal time. Together, we can raise awareness, change behavior and save lives.

Take the test - see how much you learned.