DBM Website Improvements

​We're making changes to serve you better! We invite your comments and feedback on these improvements.

  • DBM has joined the many other state agencies to update our site to the State's new responsive design. This new design ensures a user experience that adapts to deliver all of the same interactive features and content on any device: desktop, tablet, mobile. Click here to view a list of sites that have already adopted the new design.
  • You'll see two new tabs/menu topics that replace two old topics: AGENCIES and CONTRACTORS are gone, and in their place are BUDGET and PROCUREMENT & CONTRACTS.
  • The BUDGET site contains a new Citizens Guide to the Budget and other links to relevant information on the General Assembly website. Stay tuned for further updates and new content in this section.
  • There is a new group of MANAGEMENT SERVICE LINKS in the left column for Central Collection, Fleet and Travel Services, Funding Transparency and Managing for Results.

For your convenience during this transition, the following links will open frequently requested information: