Securian Added Services:

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  • Beneficiary Financial Counseling: Complementary financial counseling for individuals receiving $25,000 or more as a beneficiary. Provided through PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
  • Travel Assistance: Travel Assistance Services will now be provided by RedpointWTP LLC (Redpoint). Redpoint offers comprehensive travel services, for personal or business travel, when 100 or more miles away from home to you and your family. Services include help locating medical and dental professionals, assistance replacing lost or stolen luggage, medication, or other critical items and dealing with identity theft while traveling. In the event you face a serious illness or injury or find yourself in an unsafe place while on the road, Redpoint also provides medical and security evacuation. For service terms and conditions, and pre-trip information visit or call 1-855-516-5433 in the U.S. and Canada. From all other locations, call +1-415-485-4677.
  • Legal, Financial and Grief Counseling Resources: Ceridian, the current provider of legal services, is expanding its offering to include financial and grief counseling for insured members and their families. Resources include unlimited telephonic guidance and consultation with professionals in each of the three areas, comprehensive web and mobile resources and a 30-minute face-to-face consultation with an attorney for each unique legal issue. Both the financial and grief counselors at Ceridian are master’s level mental health counselors. To learn more about these resources, call 1-877-849-6034 or visit and log in with the username lfg and the password resources.
  • Legacy Planning Services: If you are interested in pre-planning your funeral or determining how to best distribute your personal assets, you can work with Legacy Planning Services.