FY 2009 Operating Budget Detail (Proposed Operating Budget)

Volume I:

Index - Volume 1 (147KB)
Budgetary and Personnel Administration (2.3MB)
     Includes: Major Information Technology Development Project Fund

Executive and Administrative Control (10.4MB)
Financial and Revenue Administration (3.3MB)
General Services (1.4MB)
Judicial and Legal Review 5.1MB)
Legislative (537KB)
Natural Resources and Recreation (4.6MB)
Payments to Civil Divisions of the State (212KB)
Retirement and Pension Systems Administration (581KB)
Transportation (4.3MB)


Volume II:

Index - Volume 2 (128KB)
Agriculture (4.1MB)
Health, Hospitals and Mental Hygiene (12.8MB)
Human Resources (4.2MB)
Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (3.6MB)
Public Safety and Correctional Services (8.5MB)


Volume III:

Index - Volume 3 (127KB)
Business and Economic Development (2.6MB)
     Includes: Maryland Technology Development Corporation

Deficiency Appropriations (1.4MB)
Environment (2.3MB)
     Includes: Maryland Environmental Services

Housing and Community Development (1.8MB)
     Includes: Maryland African American Museum Corporation

Juvenile Services (3.0MB)

Major Information Technology Development Projects (3.8MB)
Public Debt (189KB)
     Includes: State Reserve Fund

Public Education (4.7MB)
State Department of Education
     Includes: Morgan State University
                     St. Mary's College of Maryland
                     Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission

University System of Maryland (6.5MB)
University of Maryland Medical System

Higher Education (3.1MB)
     Includes: College Savings Plans of Maryland
                      Maryland Higher Education Commission
                      Higher Education Institutions
                      Baltimore City Community College
                      Maryland School for the Deaf

Personnel Detail (6.1MB)

State Police (1.6MB)