FY2013 Fiscal Digest (Approved Operating Budget)

FisDig13exhibA.pdfGeneral Fund Budget Summary Fiscal Years 2012 and 201316 KB
FisDig13exhibB.pdfEstimated Revenues for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 201327 KB
FisDig13exhibC.pdfSummary of Operating Budget Appropriations for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013258 KB
FisDig13exhibD.pdfFiscal Year 2013 Withheld Allotments78 KB
FisDig13exhibE.pdfSummary of Operating Budget by Object Classification for Fiscal Year 201312 KB
FisDig13exhibF.pdfDeficiency Appropriations for Fiscal Year 201218 KB
FisDig13exhibG.pdfSummary of Authorized Positions as of July 1, 201242 KB
FisDig13exhibH.pdfCigarette Restitution Fund49 KB
FisDig13exhibI.pdfSummary of FY 2013 Capital Budget As Enacted266 KB
FY2013FiscalDigestcomplete.pdfFY 2013 Fiscal Digest (Entire Document)1073 KB

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