Central Collection Unit: State Tax Refund Intercept Program (TRIP)

Pursuant to the provision of MD.CODE ANN., TAX-GEN. Sections 13-912 to13-919, and the Code of Maryland Regulations 17.01.02, the Central Collection Unit is authorized to certify to the Revenue Administration Division, Comptroller of the Treasury, the names of those who are indebted to the State of Maryland or to any of its agencies.  Our records indicated that you have an outstanding debt shown above.  The above amount may be increased by interest and collection costs.

As a result of this debt, your name will be certified to the Revenue Administration Division.  The effect of this action will cause any State income tax refund otherwise due you to be intercepted and applied toward your indebtedness.  This administrative procedure does not affect any existing monthly payment arrangements in lieu of court action.

If you believe that under the law your name should not be certified, you have the right to request that the Central Collection Unit investigate the circumstances and confirm or modify the existence or amount of the debt. Please be specific, giving pertinent dates, amounts, case numbers, and contact persons.  Please provide copies of cancelled checks, invoices or correspondence. Matters already determined by a court are not subject to redetermination. An investigation must be requested in writing to the Central Collection Unit, at the above address within fifteen (15) days of the above date. Following the completion of an investigation, you may request an appeal hearing to further contest this debt. You have the right to appeal an adverse hearing decision to court. You cannot request a hearing until after the investigation has been completed.

PAYMENT OF THIS INDEBTEDNESS NOW WILL PREVENT FURTHER JUDICIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS BY THE STATE TO COLLECT WHAT IS OWED. To discuss payment or to make any inquiry regarding the Tax Refund Intercept Program, you may call the telephone number shown above or write to the above address. Contact will not serve as notice for CCU to investigate your account. Please note our phone hours are Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If married, you should advise your spouse that your State income tax refund is subject to interception. 


  1. Your investigation and appeal rights on this matter must be exercised now.  Waiting until your refund is intercepted is too late to appeal this matter.
  2. The amount to be certified shown above may not reflect payments/adjustments received by the Central Collection Unit after <2 WEEKS PRIOR TO ABOVE DATE> or interest that may have accrued.
  3. Referring agency is : 1-E-ZPASS Maryland, 2-Motor Vehicle Administration, 3-Division of Parole and Probation, 4-State Highway Administration, 5- Other

You may visit our Debtor Portal to access your accounts owed to the Central Collection Unit at https://ccuportal.md.gov/debtor   Enter: Identifier, PIN and SSN to access your information.

To avoid this action, please mail payments to:   

State of Maryland
Central Collection Unit
PO Box 17277
Baltimore MD, 21297-0386

You may also remit payments via the web at https://www.velocitypayment.com/vbills/bankofamerica/mdccu/login.go​ or by phone at 1-833-847-9876. Please include the above referenced Debtor ID on any payment remitted to ensure proper posting to your account.