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 SPS For Employees

Welcome to the SPS for Employees page.  As a State Employee you have the ability to view your own information in Workday.  The SPS provides Human Resources*, Time and Payroll*, and Employee Benefits* services to State employees. Depending on your agency, institution, or type of employment, you will use the SPS for certain services.
As you explore Workday, you should familiarize yourself with your Inbox, Profile, Team Directory. Below there are a series of Job Aids to help get you started.

* May not apply to all employees​

User ID


​Log in with your SPS Employee ID that starts with a “W”. If you don’t have your SPS Employee ID, log in to POSC. Once in POSC, click “View SPS Employee ID.” Make note of your SPS Employee ID, also called your “W number.”

Workday Password Configuration


Enter​ ​Capital first letter of first name
​Enter ​Lower case first letter of last name
​Enter 4 digit birth year
​Enter ​Last 4 digits of social security number
​Enter ‘$’ Special character found by using shift key and selecting number 4 above the letter ‘E’ on the  keyboard​


Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Employees - ONLY



Job Aids

workday inbox 
       Logging Into Workday
workday inbox 

      Navigating in Workday

Onboarding List

​     Employee Onboarding Help

workday inbox 

      Viewing and Updating Your Worker Profile

​      Benefits

 workday inbox 
      Time Entry
 workday inbox 
       Time Off
workday inbox      Correcting Time Entry and Time Off

  ​   Customer Service Training for Seasonal Employees Only

  ​   Bullying in the Workplace Policy Training for Seasonal Employees Only

​     HUB Instructional Guide​s