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 SPS For Managers

A Manager in Workday is defined as a person with one or more direct reports. Employees logged into SPS Workday with the role of Manager or Supervisor will have additional security access, worklets, and business processes compared to the people with the basic role of Employee. These differences will give Managers or Supervisors access to information about their direct reports, such as the ability to view employee’s job details, review and approve time sheets and time off, view their team’s time off calendar, leave balances, etc..
Managers will have the ability to:
  • Submit their own timesheets for approval
  • Submit their own time off request for approval
  • Review and approve the timesheets of direct staff
  • Review and approve the timesheets of the staff of a subordinate Manager(s) (as the Manager’s Manager)
  • Review, Approve, Send Back or Deny Leave Requests for future dates
  • View Team Time Off Calendar
  • Add Bilingual Pay, On-Call Pay and/or Shift Differential Pay for their team (For Agencies where it is applicable)

As you explore Workday, you should familiarize yourself with your Inbox, Worker Profile, and Team Directory. Below there is information on: online training, commons tasks and Job Aids to help get you started.


Getting Started


Timekeeping will arrive Spring 2016; that will be here sooner than you think. A question the SPS Change Readiness team hears from employees across the State is, “What can I do today to get ready for Timekeeping?” The number one thing you can do is verify and update your information in the system. This will require you to log into the system!

User ID


​Log in with your SPS Employee ID that starts with a “W”. If you don’t have your SPS Employee ID, log in to POSC. Once in POSC, click “View SPS Employee ID.” Make note of your SPS Employee ID, also called your “W number.”

Password Guide


If you were hired AFTER 11/14/2014, then:

You will need to provide a work email address during the hiring process, to receive a password. If there is no work email available in the system, you will need to request a password reset via the SPS help desk:
(410-767-4112) (8 am - 5 pm, M-F)
If you were hired BEFORE 11/14/2014, then:
Please use the following password formation to make up your initial password:
Enter: Capital first letter of first name: John
Enter: Lower case first letter of last name: smith
Enter: 4 digit birth year: DOB 09/09/1980
Enter: Last 4 digit of social security number: 986-65-4321
Enter: '!' special character by using the shift key and selecting number 1 above the letter 'Q' on the keyboard.
For example: Your Password will be Js19804321!
​N​eed additional help? Follow the steps listed below.
First, make sure you have referenced the relevant​ job aids and videos.
Next, ask your supervisor/manager or co-worker for assistance.
Then, contact your agency HR office.

Finally, call the SPS Helpdesk at 410-767-4112 or ext. 74112 between 8 AM and 5 PM, M-F.​


Common Tasks in Timekeeping for Managers

workday inbox 


Use the Inbox to access tasks that require their attention such as:
“To Dos” sent to employee’s when time has been submitted on their behalf.

workday inbox 

Report and Online Inquiry

Approvers can view details about an employees reported time (e.g., weekly timesheets, overtime, shift differentials) and leave (e.g., vacation, sick, leave of absence, leave balances) in Workday.

workday inbox 

Team Time Off (Manager / Supervisor ONLY)

Managers/Supervisors can use the Team Time Off to take actions on and view information about their direct reports leave, such as entering and correcting time off or viewing employees on leave.

workday inbox 

My Team (Manager / Supervisor ONLY)

Managers/Supervisors can use the My Team to view information about their direct reports such as organization chart and employee profiles.


Job Aids

workday inbox 
       Logging Into Workday
workday inbox 

      Navigating in Workday

workday inbox 

      Viewing and Updating Your Worker Profile


                            Reviewing and Approving Time

 workday inbox