Customer Service Master Contract: Task Order Process


The Customer Service Master Contract (CSMC) is a master contract. By means of secondary Task Order RFP (TORFP) competition, the CSMC Master Contractors (MCs) in the applicable Functional Area that are not suspended at the time of each TORFP’s release date compete for the applicable Task Order (TO) award by submitting their Task Order Proposals (TOPs) by a specific due date and time. Their TOP submissions are divided into a Technical submission and a Financial submission. The DBM Contract Manager receives all TOPs and provides an initial review of the Technical submissions. Technical submissions are then forwarded to the Agency’s designated Task Order Manager (TOM) and/or Procurement Officer (PO). The TOM/PO is the responsible party who coordinates his/her Agency’s evaluation team with the aid of the DBM Contract Manager.
The TOM/PO and the rest of the Evaluation Team must follow standards set forth in the TORFP to evaluate the TOPs. Once a decision has been reached for the technical merit of each MC’s technical submission, the evaluation team members then review each MC’s financial submission and any subsequent Best and Final Offers. A recommendation is then reached as to the most advantageous offer for the State.
The Agency then provides for the ADPICS entry. Once approved by the DBM Contract Manager, the DBM Contract Manager then coordinates and provides: the notification to the potential MC awardee, the Task Order Agreement (TOA), an initial Notice-To-Proceed (NTP), and the official TOA award notice to all the MCs.
Within approximately two weeks of the award notice, the Agency’s TOM and team then hold a TOA Kick-Off Meeting. The TOM is responsible for the contract management of the TOA work. The TOM coordinates with the TOA MC’s Contract Representative. Each TOA has a specified duration (period of performance), scope, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) participation goal, Veteran-owned Small Business Enterprise (VSBE) participation goal and reporting requirements, and a Not-To-Exceed price. None of these elements can be changed or removed without the DBM Contract Manager’s prior written approval. The MC and its MBE and VSBE subcontractors provide the TOM with monthly MBE and VSBE reports. The TOM is responsible for ensuring that the actual MBE and VSBE participation achieved by the TOA MC is entered each month into ADPICS.
Approximately three weeks after a TOA project’s completion, the Agency’s TOM completes the form: AGENCY FEEDBACK FORM AT THE COMPLETION OF A CSMC TOA and submits it to the DBM Contract Manager.
The following outlines the steps for preparing, selecting and awarding work for DBM’s CSMC. Actual details of any specific TORFP may vary, but should follow these general procedures.

Any questions should be directed to the DBM Contract Management Office (CMO). The DBM Contract Manager is:

 Department of Budget & Management
45 Calvert Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-260-7338
Fax: 410-974-3274

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