FY 2018 Responses to DLS Operating Budget Analysis and Testimony

A15O00Payments to Civil Divisions of State Disparity Grants63 KB
C00A00Judiciary216 KB
C80B00Office of the Public Defender92 KB
C81C00Office of The Attorney General297 KB
C82D00Office of the State Prosecutor69 KB
C85E00Maryland Tax Court257 KB
C90G00Public Service Commission of Maryland139 KB
C91H00Maryland Office of People's Counsel69 KB
C96J00Uninsured Employers' Fund95 KB
C98F00Workers' Compensation Commission71 KB
CHESBAYChesapeake Bay Overview - DLS1985 KB
D05E01Board of Public Works152 KB
D10A01Executive Dept-Governor10 KB
D11A04Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing86 KB
D12A02Maryland Department of Disabilities19 KB
D13A13Maryland Energy Administration106 KB
D15A05Executive Department-Boards, Commissions and Offices21 KB
D15A0516Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention94 KB
D16A06Secretary Of State80 KB
D17B01Historic St. Mary's City645 KB
D18A18Governor's Office for Children 2381 KB
D25E03Interagency Committee on School Construction - PSCP95 KB
D26A07Department of Aging123 KB
D27L00Maryland Commission on Civil Rights158 KB
D28A03Maryland Stadium Authority11896 KB
D38State Board of Elections144 KB
D40W01Department of Planning87 KB
D50H01Military Department Operations and Maintenance272 KB
D53T00Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems4275 KB
D55P00Department of Veterans Affairs245 KB
D60A10State Archives149 KB
D78Y01Maryland Health Benefit Exchange1442 KB
D80Z01Maryland Insurance Commission97 KB
D99A11Office of Administrative Hearings130 KB
E00Comptroller of the Treasury224 KB
E20State Treasurer's Office169 KB
E50C00Assessment and Taxation416 KB
E75D0001Maryland Lottery and Gaming99 KB
F10Department of Budget and Management69 KB
F10A02Department of Budget and Management - Office of Personnel Services & Benefits78 KB
F50A01Department of Information Technology327 KB
G20J01Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems8314 KB
G50L00Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans307 KB
J00Department of Transportation590 KB
J00A01Department of Transportation, The Secretary's Office30 KB
J00A0104Washington Metropolitan Area Transit - Operating32 KB
J00A04Department of Transportation, Debt Service Requirements29 KB
J00B01State Highway Administration2769 KB
J00D00Maryland Port Administration247 KB
J00E00Department of Transportation - Motor Vehicle Administration1254 KB
J00H01Maryland Transit Administration1725 KB
J00I00Maryland Aviation Administration3017 KB
J00J00Maryland Transportation Authority1478 KB
K00A00Maryland Department of Natural Resources71 KB
L00Department of Agriculture196 KB
M00Department of Health and Mental Hygiene571 KB
M00A00Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Administration17 KB
M00B0103Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Office of Health Care Quality1419 KB
M00B0104Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Health Professional Boards and Commissions2450 KB
M00F0207Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Public Health Administration4382 KB
M00F03Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Prevention and Health Promotion Administration24860 KB
M00IDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene - Chronic Hospitals456 KB
M00LDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene - Behaviorial Health Administration754 KB
M00M01Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Developmental Disabilities Administration653 KB
M00QDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene - Medical Care Program Administrations656 KB
M00R0101Maryland Health Care Commission249 KB
M00R0102Health Services Cost Review428 KB
M00R0103Maryland Community Health Resources Commission1329 KB
MEDCOMaryland Economic Development Corporation134 KB
N00A01Department of Human Resources22845 KB
N00B00Department of Human Resources, Social Services Administration6874 KB
N00H00Department of Human Resources, Child Support Enforcement Administration3071 KB
N00I00Department of Human Resources, Office of Home Energy Programs3064 KB
N00I00-FIADepartment of Human Resources, Family Investment Administration7122 KB
P00Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation1036 KB
P00C01Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation - Business Regulation3107 KB
Q00Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services178 KB
Q00A01Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services111 KB
Q00B01Division of Correction Headquarters191 KB
Q00C01Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Maryland Parole Commission69 KB
Q00C02Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Division of Parole and Probation82 KB
Q00D00Patuxent Institution75 KB
Q00G00Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Police and Correctional Training Commissions152 KB
Q00K00Criminal Injuries Compensation Board62 KB
Q00T04Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Division of Pretrial Detention146 KB
R00A01Maryland State Department of Education, Headquarters51 KB
R00A02Maryland State Department of Education - Aid to Education42 KB
R00A03Maryland State Department of Education750 KB
R00A99Maryland State Department of Education - Early Childhood Development62 KB
R13M00Morgan State University2755 KB
R14D00St. Mary's College of Maryland497 KB
R15P00Maryland Public Television579 KB
R30B00University System of Maryland Overview559 KB
R30B23Bowie State University4158 KB
R30B24Towson University3812 KB
R30B25University of Maryland Eastern Shore4817 KB
R30B26Frostburg State University618 KB
R30B27Coppin State University1911 KB
R30B31University of Maryland Baltimore County2 KB
R62I00Maryland Higher Education Commission117 KB
R62I0010Maryland Higher Education Commission - Student Financial Assistance153 KB
R62I005Aid to Community Colleges101 KB
R95C00Baltimore City Community College578 KB
R99E01Maryland School for the Deaf205 KB
S00Department of Housing and Community Development12573 KB
S50B01Maryland African American Museum Corporation2066 KB
T00Department of Commerce400 KB
T50T01Maryland Technology Development Corporation423 KB
U00Maryland Department of the Eivironment2597 KB
U10B00Maryland Environmental Service1197 KB
V00Maryland Department of Juvenile Services190 KB
W00Department of State Police102 KB
Y01State Reserve Fund32 KB