FY 2018 Agency Responses to DLS Capital Budget Analysis and Testimony

Coppin State University.pdfCoppin State University1392 KB
Department of Aging.pdfDepartment of Aging115 KB
Department of Agriculture.pdfDepartment of Agriculture133 KB
Department of Disabilities.pdfDepartment of Disabilities22 KB
Department of General Services.pdfDepartment of General Services188 KB
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.pdfDepartment of Health and Mental Hygiene1017 KB
Department of Housing and Community Development.pdfDepartment of Housing and Community Development14799 KB
Department of Information Technology.pdfDepartment of Information Technology85 KB
Department of Juvenile Services.pdfDepartment of Juvenile Services96 KB
Department of Natural Resources.pdfDepartment of Natural Resources70 KB
Department of Planning.pdfDepartment of Planning29 KB
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.pdfDepartment of Public Safety and Correctional Services95 KB
Department of State Police.pdfDepartment of State Police34 KB
Department of the Environment.pdfDepartment of the Environment1771 KB
Department of Veterans Affairs.pdfDepartment of Veterans Affairs234 KB
Frostburg University.aspxFrostburg University2 KB
Historic Annapolis.pdfHistoric Annapolis63 KB
Judiciary.pdfJudiciary889 KB
Local Jails.pdfLocal Jails78 KB
Maryland Energy Administration.pdfMaryland Energy Administration96 KB
Maryland Environmental Service.pdfMaryland Environmental Service848 KB
Maryland Higher Education Commission.pdfMaryland Higher Education Commission63 KB
Maryland Hospital Association.pdfMaryland Hospital Association155 KB
Maryland Independent College and University Association - House.pdfMaryland Independent College and University Association - House1831 KB
Maryland Independent College and University Association - Senate.pdfMaryland Independent College and University Association - Senate1829 KB
Maryland Public Television.pdfMaryland Public Television479 KB
Maryland Zoo.pdfMaryland Zoo226 KB
Military Department.pdfMilitary Department22 KB
Morgan State University.aspxMorgan State University2 KB
Public School Construction Program.pdfPublic School Construction Program111 KB
St. Mary's College of Maryland.pdfSt. Mary's College of Maryland423 KB
State Department of Education.pdfState Department of Education53 KB
Towson University.pdfTowson University4369 KB
University of Baltimore.pdfUniversity of Baltimore338 KB
University of Maryland Baltimore.pdfUniversity of Maryland Baltimore300 KB
University of Maryland College Park.aspxUniversity of Maryland College Park2 KB
University of Maryland Medical System.pdfUniversity of Maryland Medical System8 KB
University System of Maryland.pdfUniversity System of Maryland161 KB