FY 2021 Agency Responses to DLS Capital Budget Analysis and Testimony

Baltimore City Community College.pdfBaltimore City Community College239 KB
Bowie State University.pdfBowie State University944 KB
Coppin State University.pdfCoppin State University311 KB
Department of Aging.pdfDepartment of Aging189 KB
Department of General Services.pdfDepartment of General Services127 KB
Department of Housing and Community Development.pdfDepartment of Housing and Community Development563 KB
Department of State Police.pdfDepartment of State Police555 KB
DPSCS - Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance.pdfDPSCS - Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance65 KB
DPSCS - Local Jails and Detention Centers.pdfDPSCS - Local Jails and Detention Centers50 KB
Frostburg State University.pdfFrostburg State University3317 KB
Interagency Commission on School Construction.pdfInteragency Commission on School Construction195 KB
Judiciary - Court of Appeals of Maryland.pdfJudiciary - Court of Appeals of Maryland193 KB
MACC - Community College Facilities Grant Program.pdfMACC - Community College Facilities Grant Program950 KB
Maryland Department of Agriculture.pdfMaryland Department of Agriculture418 KB
Maryland Department of Disabilities.pdfMaryland Department of Disabilities176 KB
Maryland Department of Health.pdfMaryland Department of Health101 KB
Maryland Department of Information Technology.pdfMaryland Department of Information Technology156 KB
Maryland Department of Natural Resources.pdfMaryland Department of Natural Resources270 KB
Maryland Department of Planning.pdfMaryland Department of Planning408 KB
Maryland Department of the Environment.pdfMaryland Department of the Environment625 KB
Maryland Environmental Service.pdfMaryland Environmental Service690 KB
Maryland Higher Education Commission.pdfMaryland Higher Education Commission276 KB
Maryland Hospital Association.pdfMaryland Hospital Association368 KB
Maryland Independent College and University Association.pdfMaryland Independent College and University Association394 KB
Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission.pdfMaryland Public Broadcasting Commission206 KB
Maryland School for the Deaf.pdfMaryland School for the Deaf486 KB
Maryland State Library Agency.pdfMaryland State Library Agency226 KB
Military Department.pdfMilitary Department632 KB
Morgan State University.pdfMorgan State University3364 KB
St. Mary's College of Maryland.pdfSt. Mary's College of Maryland651 KB
Towson University.pdfTowson University6165 KB
University of Maryland - College Park.pdfUniversity of Maryland - College Park1150 KB
University of Maryland Baltimore County.pdfUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County942 KB
University of Maryland Baltimore.pdfUniversity of Maryland Baltimore242 KB
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.pdfUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science1039 KB
University of Maryland Eastern Shore.pdfUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore390 KB
University of Maryland Medical System.pdfUniversity of Maryland Medical System425 KB
University System of Maryland Office.pdfUniversity System of Maryland Office293 KB