Coronavirus Disease Information

Level I - Normal Operations

Effective July 1, 2021, the State moved to Level I - Normal Operations under the State's Pandemic Flu and Other Infectious Diseases Attendance and Leave Policy.  With the return to Level I - Normal Operations, only employees in classifications that have been designated as telework-eligible may be permitted with supervisory approval to telework in accordance with the Telework Policy.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave New!
Employees who are eligible to receive an initial COVID-19 vaccine booster will be eligible for two (2) hours of COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave to obtain an initial booster. 

To receive COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave, employees must provide Human Resources (HR) the following:
proof of full vaccination (unless the employee has already received the COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Payment;
proof of receipt of an initial COVID-19 booster shot; and
a written request form (provided below). 

Employees who have already received a COVID-19 vaccine booster will be granted two hours of COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave upon receipt of the required documents.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave is available to SPMS and MDOT regular, temporary and contractual employees. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave will not expire but is forfeited upon separation from State service. In order to receive COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Leave, an employee will need to receive an initial COVID-19 vaccine booster by December 31, 2022. 

For a copy of your vaccination record go to: Maryland MyIR​

COVID-19 Leave Updated!
Notwithstanding the PCR testing requirement noted below, the State will temporarily relax the PCR test requirement and accept the results of rapid tests for the purpose of verifying a COVID-19 infection. The temporary relaxation of the PCR test requirements will apply to leave requests between December 13, 2021, and June 1, 2022. ​

Beginning on November 3, 2021 (State Regular and temporary employees) and November 10, 2021 (contractual employees) through December 31, 2022, vaccinated employees or those with valid vaccine exemptions who test positive for COVID-19 using a PCR non-rapid test are eligible for up to 10 days (no more than 80 hours) of COVID-19 Leave to use in place of an employee’s own leave or leave without pay to recover from COVID-19. This leave is available to State regular, temporary and contractual employees of SPMS and MDOT.  

To receive the leave, employees must:
be fully vaccinated prior to usage of COVID-19 Leave (i.e., received 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna, or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson, in addition to any required boosters); 
provide proof of vaccination or proof of vaccine exemption to HR prior to usage of COVID-19 Leave;
provide a positive PCR non-rapid test result for COVID-19; and
submit the required documentation to HR by the end of the pay period that follows the pay period the employee is requesting COVID-19 Leave. 

Timekeepers will restore previously recorded leave and record use of COVID-19 Leave after required documentation has been submitted. Timekeepers will not make adjustments for employees who do not turn in required documents by the end of the pay period following the pay period leave is requested.

COVID-19 Leave must be taken consecutively and used in full-day blocks; however, an employee is not required to use all 10 days at once.
COVID-19 Leave is not available to employees for the purposes of caring for a member of their household, or for childcare.

COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive for SPMS and MDOT Employees

On May 3, 2021, the Governor announced an incentive for State employees to take the necessary steps to become fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.  This incentive will be a $100 one-time payment that will be made after the employee provides proof of full vaccination and agrees to receive any subsequent booster shots that may be required within a period of 12-months from the date of full vaccination.

This incentive will be offered to all full or part-time State Regular, as well as Contractual and Temporary employees of SPMS and MDOT.  Employees will be eligible for the incentive regardless of the date that the employee became fully vaccinated. 

Employees who have a documented medical or religious reason that prohibits the employee from receiving the vaccine also will be eligible for the incentive but may be subject to other requirements.  Employees seeking a medical or religious exemption should talk to their HR Office about the process for making this request.

All unvaccinated employees may be required to submit to COVID-19 testing more frequently and required to wear PPE. Vaccinated employees may receive priority selection for certain assignments if, in the appointing authority's judgment, to do so would place the employee or others at less risk for infection.

To receive the incentive, an employee must present the original or a copy of the employee's vaccination card or MDH certificate to their HR Office, or the requisite exemption documentation and sign an acknowledgment that the employee is agreeing to remain fully vaccinated for a period of 12 months or will repay the incentive.  The incentive will be paid within two full pay periods from the date that the request for payment is made.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Payment is available until June 30, 2022. 

For a copy of your vaccination record go to: Maryland MyIR
Vaccination Incentive Documents

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