Collective Bargaining in Maryland

Approximately 30,000 Maryland State employees have collective bargaining rights. This means that organizations certified as the exclusive bargaining representative are entitled to negotiate with the Governor or his designee(s) regarding wages, hours, and working conditions on behalf of bargaining unit employees.

The current exclusive bargaining representatives and their respective bargaining units are listed below.

Bargaining Unit/Class Titles

Exclusive Bargaining Representative and Negotiated MOUs


A - Labor and Trades​

AFSCME Maryland - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees​
Office: 410-547-1515


B - Administrative, Technical and Clerical

C - Regulatory, Inspection and License

D - Health and Human Services Non Professional​

E - Health Care Professionals​​

AFT - Healthcare Maryland
Amendment to AFT Healthcare ​
Office: 443-863-7171

MOU Signing

​F - Social and Human Service Professionals

AFSCME Maryland - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Office: 410-547-1515


​G - Engineering, Scientific and Administrative Professionals

​MPEC - Maryland Professional Employees Council​​
MPEC Amendment to MOU​
MPEC Side Letter - Annual Salary Reviews​

Office: 443-863-7171​

MOU Signing​

​​H - ​Public Safety and Security

AFSCME/Teamsters ​​
Office: 410-547-1515


​H - I.A.F.F.

BWI FF Side Letter​
Office: 410-859-7500

MOU Signing​​​

​I - Sworn Police Officer

The State Law Enforcement Officer's Labor Alliance
(Annap.) 410-897-0048
(Balto.) 410-269-0640

MOU Signing​​​

​J - MdTa Sworn Officer

MD Transportation Authority Police #34​​
MdTA FOP Side Letter​


​MOU Signing​


Collective Bargaining Unit Status Codes:

The letter code is preceded by a “Y” when the employee is included in bargaining and with an “N” when the employee is excluded from bargaining.

Examples of position bargaining unit status:
YA Employee is included in bargaining unit A
NS Employee is excluded from bargaining due to the supervisory duties assigned to the position 


Labor and trades unit

Administrative, technical and clerical unit

Regulatory, inspection, and licensure unit


Health and human service nonprofessional unit


Health care professionals unit


Social and human service professionals unit


Engineering, scientific, and administrative professionals unit


Public safety and security unit


Sworn police officers unit


Excluded - Supervisor


Excluded - Manager


Excluded - Agency Head


Excluded - Board or commission member


Excluded - Student


Excluded - Used by agency(s) excluded by exec order


Excluded - Confidential