Teleworking Information Center

The State of Maryland recognizes the changing nature of its workforce and is focused on ways to increase productivity while improving morale. Teleworking is a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining valuable employees who appreciate flexible work arrangements and schedules.

Most teleworkers report that they get more done and are more satisfied with their jobs as a result of teleworking. The shortened commute decreases employee travel expenses and commuting stress, while enhancing work-life balance.  Teleworkers also enjoy a greater degree of work-related autonomy and responsibility.

In addition, teleworking has proven to be an effective tool for promoting environmental conservation by decreasing traffic congestion and automobile related emissions.

Overall, teleworking has many benefits. The State of Maryland recognizes these benefits and has streamlined the process for teleworkers and their supervisors in an effort to encourage more participation in the State’s Telework Program.